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Aubrey Plaza would have played a villain in the next Agatha: Chaos Coven Disney+ series. This character’s identity likely unlocks the show’s plot, which may borrow elements from the best Agatha comics. The mighty witch features in iconic storylines that all potentially translate to live action.

Agatha’s history in Marvel Comics dates back to The Fantastic Four #94, which puts her front and center in some great comic book stories that likely hold the key to understanding what her series will ultimately be about. While most fans know disassembled avengers and House of MAgatha’s comic story goes much deeper and opens up more possibilities for the MCU.


10/10 Fight Annihilus

Agatha Harkness uses her powers in the Fantastic Four comics.

Agatha Harkness arrives in the comic as Franklin Richards’ future housekeeper. She quickly becomes much more as she proves in The Fantastic Four #109 and 110. This gripping story pits the team against Annihilus, one of the most powerful villains of the Fantastic Four, as he seeks to invade Earth from the Negative Zone, allowing Agatha to show off her power.

Agatha casts a powerful spell to turn the tide against Annihilus and save the day. Given how the supernatural and the cosmic collide in the MCU, it’s not unreasonable that Agatha could meet the villain in live-action.

9/10 Trapped in the Negative Zone

Annihilus plots against Agatha Harkness in Marvel Comics.

Annihilus throws Agatha into the Negative Zone for her interference, leading the FF to save her. The Fantastic Four #140-141 features a fantastically reliable journey through the strange dimension, as well as another epic showdown with the villain who demonstrates his power.

Annihilus holds Agatha hostage but once she is freed, she uses her magic to help the team escape to Earth-616, but not without dire consequences for all.

8/10 Confront Ultron

Agatha Harkness uses the power of Franklin Richards to destroy Ultron in Marvel Comics.

Agatha’s close connection to Franklin Richards, until recently a contender for Marvel Comics’ Most Powerful Mutant, puts her front and center in several stories. In The Fantastic Four #150, she uses her powers to unleash Franklin’s untapped potential to defeat Ultron-7 in a stunning battle.

Agatha’s power against high-profile Marvel Villains like Ultron and Annihilus makes her ideal for the epic battles to come in the MCU, sure to involve epic villains like Kang the Conqueror.

7/10 Daughters of Liberty

Agatha Harkness reveals she asked Peggy Carter to spy on Captain America in Marvel Comics.

Agatha dates back to the Salem Witch Trials in the MCU and probably much earlier in history. This makes her pass Captain America #26-30 convincing. She assists the Daughters of Liberty, a super team including Peggy Carter and Shuri, against the powerful X-Men villain Selene.

The ties to Peggy and Shuri open some interesting doors for stories in the MCU and Selene, an immortal mutant witch, could be the character Aubrey Plaza stars as. Convent of Chaos.

6/10 The Avengers/Defenders War

The Avengers battle the Defenders in Marvel Comics.

The Avengers/Defenders War holds a place among the best Marvel Comics crossover events and leads to an important turning point in Agatha’s comic book history. This epic battle between the Avengers and Defenders forces the Scarlet Witch to test her powers to their limits, leading Agatha to train her in magic.

Agatha mentors Wanda in the mystical arts of avengers #128, with monumental consequences for the entire Marvel Universe, and in some ways the MCU, in the decades since.

5/10 The bright side

Agatha Harkness teaches a lesson in magic in Marvel Comics.

The future of Agatha Harkness’ MCU may lie in recent comics. She taught mystical arts at Strange Academyin particular the The bright side story arc as of 2020. The best Agatha comics often rely on her being a teacher and these fun comics see her training the next generation.

The Strange Academy potentially appears in the MCU as Doctor Strange becomes a mentor himself, especially with America Chavez. If more supernatural users appear, like Nico Minoru or others, it makes sense for Agatha to play an educational role in future movies or shows. This, however, assumes that she uses her knowledge and power for good.

4/10 fight his own son

Agatha Harkness dusts off Nicholas Scratch in Marvel Comics.

Agatha’s best comics include battling her own son, Nicholas Scratch. He plays a big role in the Fantastic Four comics of the 1980s, but the books that might prove most interesting to the MCU and fans see him returning to exact revenge on her. The Fantastic Four #219-231 sees Scratch escape from the Negative Zone and attempt to possess Franklin Richards.

This leads to a dramatic showdown with a lot of emotional potential for the MCU. Agatha strips Scratch of his magical powers and decides to travel to New Salem, a magical community, to lead in his place.

3/10 Fight Immortus

Agatha Harkness attempts to free Scarlet Witch from Immortus' grasp in Marvel Comics.

In Avengers West Coast #60-62, Agatha tangles with Immortus, perhaps Kang The Conqueror’s most powerful variant. Immortus possesses the Scarlet Witch to leverage her status as a Nexus to conquer time. Agatha steps in, using her connection to Wanda to help break her free in a very possible scenario in the MCU.

Wanda’s power and potential in the multiverse makes her an ideal target for Kang in the MCU. Agatha might get involved, especially if her comedic ties to The Negative Zone, which is the MCU’s Quantum Realm, continues.

2/10 Shards of Darkness

Master Pandemonium takes the children of Scarlet Witch to Marvel Comics.

Wanda’s grief for her children informed her actions in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. They’re from the best Agatha comics, which saw her trying to help Wanda’s inconsolable grief. In Avengers West Coast #52, Wanda learns that her twin sons are not real but fragments of Mephisto’s soul.

Agatha casts a spell to make Wanda forget that children ever existed. This act sets up an even more tragic scenario when Wanda remembers the truth in disassembled avengers.

1/10 darker than scarlet

The Scarlet Witch captures Agatha Harkness in the Avengers West Coast comics.

Wanda takes a break from the best Scarlet Witch comics, including disassembled avengers and House of M, but it actually got bad earlier. She turns against her colleagues, including Agatha, by Avengers West Coast #55. Agatha tries to reach her, setting a pattern that has continued through the comics in both good and bad ways.

Agatha appeals to Wanda’s better nature, which would be difficult in the MCU considering their relationship has thus far proven to be more adversarial. Given so many Avengers West Coast the characters and stories seem to be heading towards live action, it could happen.

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