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Love triangles are as big a part of comic books as superhero battles. They create romantic tension, reminding readers that heroes are fallible and not always able to make the best decisions instantly. Love triangles have been common ever since Lois Lane was in love with Clark Kent and Superman.

RELATED: 10 Most Muscular Heroes In Marvel ComicsRomance figured even more prominently in Marvel’s books than it did in DC’s. For Marvel, the idea was to prevent heroes from getting everything they want and provide an element of tension that kept readers coming back to the book. Marvel writers enjoyed superhero love triangles where someone is in love with one person both in and out of costume, but also the more traditional genre involving two people in love with the same hero.

ten Sif/Jane/Thor divides the human and divine aspects of Thor

Thor’s relationship with Sif and Jane Foster has all the makings of a true love triangle. Until Jane gained the powers of Thor, and later Valkyrie, her two main love interests couldn’t have been less alike.

Sif represents Thor’s attraction to divinity and their shared desire to protect the people of Asgard. Jane Foster pulls him closer to his humanity, connecting him with the people of Midgard he has chosen to protect. Thor’s romantic closeness to Sif or Jane often depends on how much time he spends in either area. However, both characters allow the god of thunder to express his softer side.

9 Betty Ross is learning to love Bruce Banner and Hulk sides

It’s nothing new for comic book heroes to find themselves in love triangles with their alter egos, dating back to Lois Lane’s Golden Age relationship with Superman and Clark Kent. However, because of Bruce Banner’s fractured psyche, Betty Ross can often literally felt like dealing with two different people.

Betty initially disliked the Hulk’s brutal ways, but came to realize that it was just Bruce’s pain directed as rage at others. Sometimes Betty even prefers the Hulk to Bruce, who can be cold and distant due to his upbringing as well as his metahumanity. Their relationship reminds readers that no matter how powerful the Hulk is, he’s still only human.

8 Black Cat and Mary Jane Pull Spider-Man Between His Civilian and Costume Life

Spider-Man is the most eligible bachelor in the Marvel Universe this side of Tony Stark. There is no other way to explain why so many wonderful women are vying for his attention. In the case of Black Cat and Mary Jane, they represent the tension between the hero’s life as Spider-Man and Peter Parker.

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Mary Jane loves Peter for his kindness and selfless demeanor, though she often finds his job as Spider-Man frustrating. Black Cat finds those same positive traits endearing but ultimately loves her for her bravery and dedication to her dangerous costumed lifestyle. Ultimately, Spider-Man and Black Cat can’t work without one of them giving up some part of what makes them who they are, because they’re on opposite sides of each other. the law.

seven Namor and Reed Richards offer Sue Richards a choice between royalty and the perfect family life

The Fantastic Four may not always look like it, but they have the perfect life. However, sometimes perfection is boring, and for the Invisible Woman, that’s where Namor comes in. While living as a member of the Fantastic Four certainly offers plenty of adventures, these are family adventures.

As the shirtless king of Atlantis, Namor exudes a kind of appeal that won’t come from a happy father of two. That said, much of the appeal of this love triangle is in the assumptions. Even though Namor would love to be with Sue, Sue is loyal to her husband Reed in the main Marvel continuity. However, the emotional distance Reed keeps between himself and his wife will always question the wisdom of this choice.

6 Human Torch’s childishness caused him to form relationships with Medusa and Crystal

Some of the best love triangles are forbidden. Medusa certainly had nothing to do after the Human Torch. He had spent years as her sister Crystal’s boyfriend, after all. But when Medusa and Black Bolt parted ways over how they chose to rule the Inhuman Realm, Medusa found solace in the arms of Jonny Storm.

Medusa and the Torch were smart enough to tell Black Bolt about their relationship, but they avoided speaking with Crystal. While Crystal expected childish behavior from Johnny, she felt betrayed when her sister couldn’t even be honest with her about this new relationship.

5 Magneto presents Rogue with another path than the Clever Cajun

Rogue and Gambit is one of Marvel’s biggest ships for a reason. Everyone can feel the romantic tension between them the moment they are together on the page. The first man fully aware of the danger of touching Snape, Gambit was never shy about expressing his feelings for her.

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But Remy isn’t the only one Snape has carried a torch for. Snape felt a similar attraction to Magneto, and she even dated his clone, Joseph, for a time. The two often end up together in alternate timelines like age of apocalypsethough these relationships always have awkward endings.

4 Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Wolverine are Marvel’s truest love triangle

Scott and Jean were high school sweethearts. Logan was the man Jean had told Scott not to worry about. Jean’s feelings for Logan have wavered over the years. Sometimes she gives in to Logan’s animal magnetism, other times she stays with Scott.

Although Logan had countless love affairs over the years, he always believed he would end up with Jean eventually, even if it took until the end of the universe. These days, it feels like that love triangle is settled as their relationship has turned polyamorous, with the three sharing a living area in Krakoa.

3 Pepper Potts is torn between the eternal Happy Hogan and the secret Tony Stark

At first, Tony Stark’s biggest rival for Pepper Potts’ affection wasn’t just his costumed alter-ego, Iron Man. Instead, it was her driver, Happy Hogan, who stood in her way. Although Pepper had no interest in Happy at first, her willingness to make him a priority when Tony still wanted to be the playboy changed things.

During this time, Tony often felt like he had no right to pursue love because of his life as Iron Man. This love triangle persisted even after Happy and Pepper got married, with the romantic tension with Tony still remaining whenever the two had problems in their marriage.

2 Emma Frost shows Jean Gray what it’s like to be on the other side of a love triangle with Scott

For years, there was a rivalry between Cyclops and Wolverine over Jean’s affections. However, in the early 2000s, Grant Morrison introduced a new challenger to Scott and Jean’s relationship, the diamond-skinned Emma Frost.

Although Cyclops and Jean are still together, Emma Frost used her telepathy to sneak into Scott’s mind for some psychic business. She even occasionally played the role of Phoenix to get Scott to say more about his desires. In the end, Jean found out about Scott’s infidelity but gave her blessing to Emma and Scott’s relationship after his death.

1 Peter Parker is torn between the girl next door and adventure with Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane

In the Silver Age, Peter’s attention was split between two amazing, yet completely different women. Gwen Stacy was the ultimate Girl Next Door, which felt like the safe option for him. Mary Jane’s identity at the time was a party girl, the one who brought a bit more spice and excitement to Peter’s life.

MJ and Gwen were probably too good for Pete, but that romance helped make the comic work as much as the adventures of Spider-Man battling his enemies. Although Gwen isn’t in the spotlight much these days, fans still have Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s incredible performance. Spider-Man: Blue mini-series to give a timeless look at this incredible love triangle.

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