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Unlike most DC Comics titles, the amazing spider man the comic has seen over 900 issues of continuous continuity, with the odd retcon or story-driven reimagining. While most mainstream Spidey comics are set in Marvel Comics continuity, some compelling Spider-Man stories take place in alternate worlds or just on the fringes of the 616 timeline.

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stories like Reign and “Last Stand” explored darker futures, miniseries like 1602 and Black featured new Marvel stories, and Ultimate Spider-Man and renew your vows presented alternative gifts. The main Marvel continuity is fantastic, but some Spider-Man stories and concepts deserve a place in the canon.

ten Ultimate Spider-Man introduced a new Peter Parker

By Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley

Two Tony Starks existed at the same time in the “Timeslide” avengers an event. Comic book fans could handle two Peter Parkers sharing the Spider-Man comic book page, especially after movies like Into the Spider-Verse and No coming home warmed fans to the idea of ​​the multiverse.

Ultimate Spider-Man technically exists in canon because it was Miles Morales’ home universe before he made the permanent jump to the 616 universe. If the Ultimate Peter somehow returned, he could pass in 616 behind Miles.

9 Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Featured Humor and Relationships

By Sean McKeever, Takeshi Miyazawa, David Hahn and Christina Strain

The Mary-Jane comic book mini-series and its two sequels, Mary Jane: Homecoming and Spider-Man loves Mary Jane, presented the world of Spidey through the lighthearted and fun lens of a girl trying to survive high school in a town full of superpowered heroes and villains. The Mary-Jane The series offered one of the best comic book versions of MJ.

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Many narrative aspects have kept these series from joining Marvel canon, given that MJ didn’t officially meet Peter until after he graduated from high school, but much of what MJ experiences in these books would reinforce his current canon persona.

8 Spider-Girl immersed in the MC2 universe

By Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz

May “Mayday” Parker was first introduced in What if…? #105. In a potential future, Peter and Mary Jane got married and had two children, a girl named May and a baby boy named Ben. May grew up, developed spider powers, and became a superhero like her father, battling a new generation of legacy villains.

With the events of “One More Day”, May’s existence in the main canon seemed highly unlikely. However, thanks to a little tease in Nick Spencer amazing spider man run, May may exist in the possible future, posing a threat to Mephisto. Hopefully May can fit into the canon, even as an alternate universe Spider like Miles or Spider-Gwen.

seven Spider-Man: Chapter One Reimagined Peter’s Origins

By John Byrne and Al Milgrom

The original by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko amazing spider man run is one of the strongest basics in comics. Peter’s supporting cast and cast of villains already sounded like characters that had been around for decades. While the original ASM the stories are classics, they could do with a polish.

In 1999, John Byrne wrote and illustrated a 13-issue mini-series titled Spider-Man: Chapter One. Byrne revisited Spidey’s early superhero days, exploring his early encounters with his famous villains. Elements of Chapter One are worth adding to the canon, if only to update aspects of the original books that may seem dated to today’s new readers.

6 1602 introduces a historical version of Spider-Man

By Jeff Parker and Ramon Rosanos

marvel’s 1602 The miniseries was set in an alternate world where all popular Marvel characters existed in the early 17th century. Marvel Comics would need to make some edits to fit their 1602 events in their current timeline, but a historical version of Spider-Man could work.

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Peter Parquagh, aka The Spider, was an artist who didn’t possess any superpowers. He fell in love with Marion Watson and fought versions of Doctor Octopus and Norman Osborn. With a few tweaks, Parquagh could just exist in the current Marvel timeline as the historical figure who inspired Peter Parker to create his web shooters.

5 Reign gave Spider-Man “One Last Ride”

By Kaare Andrews

The four numbers Spider-Man: Reign The miniseries took readers decades into the future of Marvel. The return of the Sinister Six forces Peter Parker, who is still mourning the death of his wife Mary Jane, to come out of retirement and don his Spidey costume once again. Reign is certainly one of Spider-Man’s darkest stories yet rich in character development and references.

The Logan The movie was also dark, but it gave Wolverine’s cinematic character a worthy conclusion. Reign is only a “possible” future, but one that could become canon if present-day Spider-Man ever travels to the future.

4 Noir introduced a new Spider-Man in an ancient era

By David Hine, Fabrice Sapolsky & Carmine Di Giadomenico

Spider-Man: Black takes place in an alternate Marvel Universe. Peter Parker, his supporting cast, and the villains of Spider-Man all exist in the 1930s as reporters, vigilantes, club singers, mobsters, and more. Placing Noir in current Marvel canon wouldn’t be easy. However, with some tweaks and narrative changes, “The Spider” from Black era could exist in 616 in Peter’s past.

In Batman: The Animated Series, a young Bruce Wayne idolized a serial character known as Gray Ghost. The Gray Ghost inadvertently inspired elements of Bruce’s alter-ego as Batman. Maybe a young Peter Parker met the ex-vigilante Spider.

3 Renew Your Vows Spider-Man and Mary Jane Reunited

By Dan Slott, Adam Kubert, John Dell and Justin Ponsor

“One More Day” is perhaps the most controversial Spider-Man arc. Some fans felt that Peter needed a change. Mephisto erasing Peter’s marriage freed up narrative possibilities for Peter, but interrupted narrative possibilities for Peter and Mary Jane. renew your vows was Dan Slott offering fans cake and telling them they could eat it too.

While Peter remained single in the main Marvel continuity, he married and had a daughter in the renew your vows world. The Parker family dynamic was incredible, and Peter’s daughter taught him a lesson in power and responsibility. If Peter and MJ get back together, Annie would make a great addition to the canon.

2 Amazing Spider-Man #500 featured the “Last Stand” Spidey

By J. Michael Straczynski, John Romita Jr., John Romita Sr., Scott Hanna & Avalon Studios

amazing spider man #500 is one of many centennial issues that celebrate the world and history of Spidey. Spider-Man traveled back in time, appearing in an alternate future. An older Spider-Man killed Kraven the Hunter and crossed the line, resulting in the deaths of even more villains.

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The “Last Stand” Spider-Man acted more like the Red Hood or the Punisher. While the character only existed in the possible future, Marvel should consider publishing a story like DC’s End of futures contracts where this older Spider-Man travels to the Marvel present and exists in the current timeline alongside his younger, more optimistic self.

1 El Sorprendente Hombre Araña never killed Gwen Stacy

By Jose Luis Duran

Shortly after Spider-Man’s comic book debut in 1962, Marvel Comics published his adventures in Mexico. When American publications could not keep up with the Mexican calendar, La Prensa acquired the publishing rights to the character and printed their own stories. After amazing spider man #120, the Spidey comics published in Mexico were very different from their American counterparts.

Avoid the tragic events of ASM “Turning Point” from #121, Gwen Stacy lived in the El Sorprendente Hombre Araña books and dated Peter until the series ended in issue #185. Some of these stories could find their way into Marvel canon, extending the time Peter and Gwen shared before her death.

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