10 Iconic Marvel Comics That Still Lack Satisfying Screen Adaptations



Marvel movies, and even TV shows, are pretty good at taking popular comic book stories and adapting them to some extent. Some stories, like this dark phoenix saga, have had several attempts at on-screen interpretations while some arcs have yet to be adapted at all.

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These comic book tales have never before been presented to fans or deserve a second shot, potentially in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It may be that the characters don’t currently exist in the franchise at large, or that the story variation so far hasn’t been able to address the comic book elements that Marvel leans on. is pressed on the page. Note that this does not take into account anime shows like X Men.


The clone saga

Spider-Man Peter Parker Meets Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider Marvel Clone Saga

the clone saga might oddly be one of the most controversial comic book storylines in Marvel history. It is often debated how effective the tale really is and even whether it is a classic. Still, it’s hard to ignore the impact the story had on Spidey’s life going forward.

Boasting incredible villains like Jackal and introducing audiences to Ben O’Reilly, there’s definitely a place for the clone saga onscreen and any adaptation might even fix some of the issues fans have with the play. With Miles Morales recently making his own parallel to the story, now is more than ever the time to give it a try in the MCU.

Civil war

Captain America Civil War Cartoon Art

The public has already been entitled to a variation of Civil war on the big screen, opposing the ideology of Captain America and Iron Man. It’s a fantastic film and one that has real implications for the rest of the MCU. But that’s not entirely accurate.

There’s absolutely room for another crack in this story, with inspiration drawn from Second Civil War also. The scale of the film was much smaller than the graphic novel, but now that the MCU has grown rapidly, it would be fascinating to see where these heroes are now and what the ensuing conflict would look like.

Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion is in development at Disney+, so there may finally be a satisfying take on the storyline. For now though, fans only have the comics that are packed with tension and action as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes attempt to uncover the impostors among their roster.

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The scale of the original series might not be quite the same as major heroes are unlikely to be replaced by dormant Skrulls. But the basic concept behind this silent infiltration is absolutely brilliant and would play out fantastically in a cinematic format.

The Phoenix saga

Jean Gray attacks in Dark Phoenix Saga.

Two variants of dark phoenix Saga have been put on screen so far and neither has been quite successful. While the movies are certainly enjoyable, they lack the years of storytelling to back them up and the time to really get into those core emotional beats.

It’s really unlikely that another adaptation of the series will happen for quite some time, but if and when it does, it’s more likely to be based on a phase of the MCU rather than just an entry. Those early movies certainly have something to contribute, but those X-men stories have aged poorly nonetheless; a modern interpretation is needed to satisfy the fans.

Dark Reign

Taskmaster and The Hood in a destroyed Camp Hammond in Marvel

The fallout from the Secret Invasion has been Dark Reign which saw Norman Osborn take the lead in a surprisingly gritty, status quo-altering narrative that changed the landscape of Marvel Comics. With the bad guys now in charge, no one was safe from the established regime.

SHIELD is gone, HAMMER takes his place, the Dark Avengers are now Earth’s Mightiest Heroes while the Thunderbolts support their command. It’s all twisted on its head and the depth of this story needs to be placed in the MCU to some degree, perhaps with Zemo in the lead instead.

Captain America’s United States


Captain America’s United States is a recent storyline that just hasn’t had a chance to hit the screen yet. But it’s definitely an arc that could actually inspire season 2 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier if there should be one.

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The story takes place across the country as Steve, Sam and Bucky discover an alternative to Captain Americas, each bearing the shield and star in order to clean up their local community. It’s an inspiring story that demonstrates that anyone can step into the iconic role. It would also be a great way to introduce Barnes as a variant of Cap as well.


Zemo's First Thunderbolts Team

Why the Thunderbolts haven’t been adapted in some way yet remains a mystery, but their debut is surely imminent. Regardless of the composition in play, the first version of the team is perhaps the best in terms of the story behind it. Each of these so-called heroes was actually a villain in disguise.

It’s masterful writing, as a few members don’t even realize they’re surrounded by con artists, while others are genuinely invested in their redemption. With Zemo in the lead, this could be an extremely compelling plot to bring to audiences on Disney+ as an ongoing saga.


Moon Knight, White Tiger, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Elektra prepare to battle an evil Daredevil in Shadowland.

Daredevil walked a rough path on Netflix but clearly redeemed himself by officially entering the MCU. Yet there is more to tap into the shadows of his soul and the shadowland the story would be perfect for transforming New York and incorporating the other street-level heroes and villains.

Daredevil takes control of The Hand and, to the displeasure of his allies, imposes a new, more violent rule on the streets of the city. His regime is supported by ruthless killers as his former friends wonder which side they will fall on. It would be a really satisfying arc for shows like moon knight or movies like Blade build while bringing back people like Elektra or Luke Cage.

House of M


House of M has already inspired some of Wanda’s character beats, as seen in Wanda Vision. But there’s still a long way to go before the false reality created by the Scarlet Witch in the comics is carried over to the MCU on the scale fans are familiar with.

“No more mutants” was the iconic quote that closed the saga, but could the reverse be possible within Marvel, after what Wanda might have seen in the multiverse? Either way, this reality-altering storyline is full of exciting developments and holds huge potential for Marvel Studios.

Secret Wars

Secret Wars could be next on the list of major comic book events to be adapted by Marvel, given the multiverse conflicts currently taking place throughout the MCU. The graphic novels brought a lot to audiences, including Spider-Man’s Symbiote suit, and the concept has since been replicated to varying degrees.

Considering some of the stories that have been brought to the screen like the infinity saga it’s shocking that one of Marvel’s first trademark crossovers hasn’t had a chance yet. If that were to change, there might be variations in the beats, but the same satisfying premise will be present.

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