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Costumed heroes and villains have a number of different options to choose from when creating their comic book identities, ranging from design choices that are potentially tied to their origins and powers or a themed avatar chosen as an animal to help create their new character. However, there is a trend in comics that unites a small group of characters with similar themes.

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There are a few heroes and villains who fashioned their costumed characters from medieval themes and imagery, either out of their own interest in the era or a connection to the past that continues to influence the characters in our days. These medieval heroes and villains have a unique connection to the Middle Ages that makes them stand out among the rest.

ten Jason Blood was eternally bound to Etrigan the Demon by the Arthurian sorcerer Merlin

Etrigan the demon

DC’s Merlin and the Arthurian era played an important role in the timeline of the universe, which has continued to impact heroes and villains in the modern age. Jason Blood was cursed when his soul was bound by Merlin to a dark prince of Hell known as Etrigan the Demon.

Their mystical union led to Blood’s immortal life which allowed him to fight in various wars over the years, including the Crusades, where he would transform into Etrigan so the demon could bask in the chaos he had. desire. While Blood has adapted his look to fit his times, Etrigan still wears the same look that takes him back to the Middle Ages.

9 Arthur Blackwood acquired the power of his medieval ancestors to become the Crusader

Crusader against Thor

The Marvel villain known as The Crusader is Arthur Blackwood, a religious man who believed society would benefit from a tougher stance against “godless” unbelievers. He acquired the power of his ancestors to help him in his mission, as well as powerful armor, a sword and a shield. The armor was modeled after the equipment of its Crusader ancestor and contained mystical properties.

When The Crusader believes in what he believes in his holy mission, he’s strong enough to take on powerful characters like Thor. However, if his faith is shaken, he can lose his enhanced abilities, which has resulted in the loss of his medieval weapons several times over the years.

8 Sir Justin was the brilliant Arthurian knight who wore Merlin’s enchanted armor

Another DC character from the Middle Ages is Sir Justin, a young member of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table who was on a sworn mission of revenge when he encountered and helped free Merlin. The wizard of Camelot enchanted Sir Justin’s armor to be impenetrable, earning him the new title of Shining Knight.

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His sword has also been enchanted to cut through almost anything and his horse has been given wings to further aid him as a warrior. He was trapped and frozen in ice until he was frozen in the modern age, where he began working alongside other costumed crime fighters.

7 Prester John Was A Time-Traveling Crusader Who Worked With A Few Marvel Heroes

Priest John from Marvel Comics

The warrior known as Prester John fought in the Crusades before finally finding his way to the Kingdom of Avalon, where an encounter with Kang the Conqueror resulted in his first time travel to the Viking Age .

Prester John and his connection to Avalon’s Seat of Survival and his powerful Evil Eye allowed him to survive through the centuries in suspended animation until he was awakened in the modern era, while doing him a target for others seeking power. He also went through a villainous time after being driven insane by the Power Stone, though he recovered in Cable’s Providence.

6 The Silent Knight was an Arthurian ally and one of Hawkman’s reincarnated lives

Brian Kent as Silent Knight

Hawkman’s character has a long and confusing origin that connects a number of DC characters across the timeline. Hawkman and Hawkgirl were transformed by their connection to alien metal Nth, resulting in an eternal cycle of death and reincarnation as time-traveling lovers.

One of Hawkman’s reincarnated lives was a man named Brian Kent in 6th century England. After finding silver and red armor, he fought injustice as a silent knight in order to hide his identity, working alongside other medieval figures like King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table and his reincarnated lover Lady. Celia.

5 Joanna Dark is a police officer known as the housekeeper in the top 10 superpowered cities of Neopolis

ABC's Top 10 Maid

Alan Moore and Gene Ha’s Top 10 was a superhero police procedural from the best Alberta comics that took place in the town of Neopolis, where nearly every citizen had some sort of power or fit a monster or robot classification that culminated to the creation of cities in the 1940s.

This era of Neopolis has been explored in Top 10: The Forty-Ninewhich introduced the mysterious character of Joanna Dark/Maid, a police officer with an undefined connection to Joan of Arc that gave her enhanced abilities and medieval weapons that made her a perfect agent against the vampire mafia that thrived in the underworld of Neopolis.

4 Knight and Squire are Britain’s own version of the dynamic duo

Knight and Squire from DC Comics, part of Batman Incorporated

Percy Sheldrake was inspired by the exploits of Batman and Robin to team up with his son Cyril to become London’s Dynamic Duo, Knight and Squire. Cyril eventually took over as knight after his father’s death, and Beryl Hutchinson stepped in as his squire for years.

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They’ve worked with teams like the Club of Heroes and Batman Inc. for years while operating as England’s official heroes. Sheldrake’s death saw Hutchinson become the new knight as she herself hired a new squire, Amina Eluko.

3 Lord Covenant appeared in the 12th century before the medieval spawn of Sir John Of York in the 16th century

Medieval Spawn and Lord Covenant from Spawn The Dark Ages

After Private Al Simmons died, he returned to Earth as a soldier in a war against heaven and hell known as Hellspawn in Image Comics. Spawn. However, he was not the first character to join the dark army of the demonic Malebolgia.

Spawn: The Dark Ages introduced Lord Covenant, who returned as a Hellspawn in the 12th century to find his way through war-torn England. A former knight named Sir John of York was revealed to be another Hellspawn in the 16th century who became known as the Medieval Spawn in the 16th century before being hunted down by a sky assassin named Angela.

2 Azrael is the hereditary avenging angel of the medieval order of Saint-Dumas

Azrael holds his burning sword.

Jean-Paul Valley is the armored hero known as Azrael who briefly succeeded Batman for an ill-fated run as Gotham City’s Dark Knight. While his appearance has moved away from the more knightly armor of his predecessor, the Avenging Angel Azrael has origins that date back to the Dark Ages.

Valley served the ancient and secretive Order of St. Dumas, which was originally a group of Knight Templar printers that formed after the Crusades to protect their own interests using their highly skilled hereditary agent Azrael.

1 Dane Whitman followed in his uncle’s footsteps to wield the Ebon Blade as a Dark Knight


Marvel’s Dark Knight first appeared as an Avengers villain when Nathan Garrett used his family’s ancestral armor and connection to the mighty Ebon Blade to join the Masters of Evil. Garrett’s nephew, Dane Whitman, ultimately inherited the Dark Knight Mantle and the Ebon Blade, though he used both to work alongside the Avengers.

Whitman learned that he was the latest in a long line of Dark Knights that stretched back to the Middle Ages and shared a connection to the magic ebony blade, which further corrupted its wielders with each life taken by the sword. Whitman also possessed the body of an ancestor to serve as a dark knight in the 12th century where he worked alongside Merlin.

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