10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Avengers: The Children’s Crusade


The Scarlet Witch’s story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe probably isn’t over, despite the conclusion of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There are many ways for the narrative to move forward, but the Avengers story known as The Children’s Crusade could be a solid next step for Marvel Studios.

The narrative features characters extremely close to Wanda Maximoff and could help define the future of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Comic book fans already know how this adventure unfolds and what impact it could have on the MCU if it were to be adapted.

Fallout of Wanda’s Decisions

Scarlet Witch - More Mutants

Wanda Maximoff had made a number of destructive choices throughout the comics, leading up to the events of The Children’s Crusade. His mistakes have also been major storylines in the MCU, from the Crossbones explosion to the events that unfolded in the strange doctor after.


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For source material, the “House of M” and “No More Mutants” storylines are just two examples of how the Avengers moved away from the Scarlet Witch and her immense power. Indeed, Wanda had abused her powers up until then, but there was still a redeemable hero within.

In search of a mother

The children of Scarlet Witch, Wiccan and Speed.

Wiccan and Speed, or Billy and Tommy, considered themselves the spirit children of Wanda. While they may not have been created in the traditional sense, they are often considered to be descendants of their mother and Vision, with their powers even mirroring Wanda and Pietro.

The Child Crusade, one of the best comics for Young Avengers fans, begins because Wiccan and Speed, with the help of their Young Avengers allies, are looking for their missing mother. They want to finally connect with the Scarlet Witch and live out that dream scenario of being a family again. It’s a mission that puts a target on those who prefer Wanda to stay away.

Magneto meeting

Magneto with the Young Avengers and Wanda in Childrens Crusade

Although he doesn’t often show a soft side, Magneto has been a likable character and proven to be a caring father to Wanda. When he learned that Wiccan and Speed ​​had started their quest, he couldn’t help but help them on their journey. After a brief battle, Magneto was revealed to be the twins’ grandfather.

Their relationship was rocky considering Magneto’s position in the villainous community. But throughout children’s crusade, Magneto’s support for his own family never wavered. With the character heading to the MCU, perhaps that connection could be reestablished.

Quicksilver Intervention

Quicksilver with the Young Avengers in Children's Crusade

Pietro is so protective of Wanda that when he learned there was a crusade to find her, he had to get involved and take control of the situation himself. Suffice it to say, the often cold-blooded Quicksilver didn’t quite bond with his nephews initially.

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Quicksilver continued to chase after the Young Avengers, following them as the main Avengers team. He even attempted to kill his father Magneto, whose own intentions had clearly been twisted, and the grudge between them grew even worse. Eventually, Quicksilver will side with the group, helping Billy and Tommy save Wanda.

The Real Wanda

children's crusade

The Young Avengers eventually tracked down Wanda Maximoff who originally descended on Wundagore Mountain. But the version of the Scarlet Witch they actually found was secretly an impostor, replaced by Doctor Doom with one of his Doombots. This put the group on the case, leading them to Latveria.

The real Wanda had been captured by Doom and was being forced to marry him. Heartbreaking, with no memory of her past and seemingly no powers, the Scarlet Witch was meant to be no more, stealing the moment twins with their mother they had constantly hoped for.

Saving Scott Lang

Avengers Dissambled with the team in front of the mansion

The Avengers have seen many tragedies, including the destruction of Avengers Mansion caused by Jack of Hearts. The situation resulted in the death of Scott Lang, who was operating as Ant-Man at the time. It was an event that tormented the Avengers and blame was placed on Wanda.

To escape their attackers, the Young Avengers attempted to bring their mother, Iron Lad taking them into the timestream. They were brought back to the time of Jack’s explosion but managed to change the timeline, bringing Lang back from the dead in a shocking twist that could be described in an MCU reversal.

Increase power

Doom in Avengers Crusade

With Wanda’s memories and powers restored, she swore to right the wrongs of her past. She claimed that she wanted to undo her “No More Mutants” spell, bringing back mutants by the millions. But before she could, Doctor Doom stole her powers.

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With the entity that had consumed the Scarlet Witch now possessing Doom, it takes the full power of the Young Avengers and the core Avengers team, alongside the X-Men, to stop him for good – even if he offered them the solutions to all their problems. It was all tied together by a conflict between the Avengers and the X-Men over what to do with Wanda in the first place, a battle that could play out on screen.

Size and Kang

Cassie Lang's death in Children's Crusade

While Doom might be powerless in the end, the consequences of events are tragic. Although Scott Lang was resurrected, his daughter Cassie failed to survive. The hero Stature fell in battle against Doom, much to Iron Lad’s shame.

Iron Lad is a powerful variant of Kang the Conqueror and a member of the Young Avengers. He went back in time to try to save his friend and his love, even though he was warned that the choice could pave the way for Kang. He did it anyway, potentially hinting at an origin story in the MCU.

Set young avengers

Avengers Children's Crusade, as the team mourns its lost members

The Children’s Crusade came to define the Young Avengers as true heroes who should be respected and recognized as the future of the superhero community. The Avengers were impressed with how they handled the events of the story and offered a token gesture.

They officially defined the Young Avengers as an Avengers unit. It’s a narrative set in the wider Marvel Universe that places the Young Avengers in the audience as the team of the future. Many members of the group are now making groundbreaking moves in the comics.

MCU connections

WandaVision Finale Wanda kisses Billy and Tommy

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in an ideal position to follow the events of this narrative. Speed ​​and Wiccan could be brought back into the MCU, and the remaining members of the Young Avengers have been introduced, with the exception of Hulkling and Iron Lad (although Kang features heavily).

With Wanda now disappearing after the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness it may be up to White Vision and his sons to find her. It could be a tale that reintroduces Quicksilver, launches Magneto, brings in mutants, and ultimately unites the Young Avengers.

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