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The Avengers are known as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and that moniker is self-explanatory. The team combines Marvel’s greatest heroes into one powerful unit, an assemblage of heroes who face the deadliest threats the Marvel Universe can throw at them. The team has proven to be one of the most powerful groups in all of comics, featuring legendary heroes and fighting in titanic wars for the fate of all of reality.

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Every comic book team is different, and each does things better than the others. The Avengers have been around for a long time, and they’ve proven to be very unique, doing a lot of things better than any other group of heroes.

ten They work with the government and SHIELD


One of the hallmarks of most superhero teams is their independence. They are heroes but they do not work for any central authority. The Avengers have always been different, and for good reason. Iron Man and his corporations are among the most powerful in America’s military-industrial complex and Captain America carries the flag; the government and the Avengers are inextricably linked.

From liaising with the US government to working with SHIELD, the Avengers have proven to be as much an arm of government powers as anything else. Sometimes it helped them and other times it hindered them.

9 They were able to work with gods better than other teams

Marvel heroes fighting in War of the Realms

One of the things that sets the Avengers apart from almost every other super-team in existence is Thor. They are the only team with a founding member who is an actual god and Thor’s good relationship with his family on Asgard has seen the Avengers come to their aid many times over the years, helping them fight Loki and others. threat.

Along with most other teams, they usually fight the gods or have an ambivalent relationship with them at best. The Avengers stand by them and fight alongside them, proving that mortals can sometimes help the gods.

8 Joining The Avengers is a surefire path to stardom

While the Avengers started out as a rip-off of the Justice Society/Justice League – a team of one publisher’s greatest heroes – that has changed over the years. Eventually, the B-list heroes would join the team and actually become big business in the Marvel Universe in a way that rarely, if ever, happened with other teams.

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Being an Avengers has been a path to stardom for characters across the Marvel Universe in a way that isn’t quite replicated on any other team. Characters with little to no name recognition have joined the Avengers and risen to the heights of the Marvel Universe and pop culture in ways other groups simply can’t replicate.

7 They control the other heroes

Avengers vs. X-Men

The Avengers and the Justice League have a lot of similarities. They are the pinnacle of their respective superhero communities and contain the greatest heroes of their universes. There are a few differences though, and one of them is how the Avengers treat the rest of their hero community. Marvel heroes are more controversial and that means the Avengers often have to control heroes.

The Avengers found themselves in positions where they had to act as an authority figure for other groups, telling them what to do and how to behave like few other groups have to, which often comes down to hands.

6 They let Scarlet Witch off the hook better than anyone

Scarlet Witch has had a tough life, and it often manifests in her rampages. On these occasions, she is known to do terrible things, attacking her friends, occasionally killing them, and changing reality when it suits her. However, no matter how much his actions affect the Avengers and the rest of the world, the team does nothing about it.

They don’t try to punish her, but they don’t try to get her help either. They forgive her for everything she does and protect her from the consequences of her actions. Scarlet Witch has done worse things than some villains and yet the Avengers will do whatever they can to let her off the hook.

5 They reform the wicked better than anyone

Villains joining superhero teams is a tried and true trope, and it’s one the Avengers started. The team was a pioneer in many ways and the introduction of Cap’s Kooky Quartet into Avengers (1963) #16 It was the first time villains – Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver – joined the team and truly reformed.

The Avengers are better than anyone at this. Most of the time a villain joins a team and it’s all part of a scheme where they stay with the team until a roster shuffle and then become a villain again. The Avengers have managed to reform more villains than any other superteam, which is quite an achievement.

4 They have the best leaders

Feature Avengers Captain America Thor She-Hulk

The X-Men have Cyclops. The Justice League has Superman. The Teen Titans have the various Robins who have joined the team. They’re all great leaders, but they can’t match the Avengers leaders over the years. Captain America is one of the greatest leaders of all time and as if that weren’t enough, Black Panther is also an Avenger.

Add to that number heroes like Wasp, Hawkeye, and Captain Marvel, and the Avengers have more heroes who can step in and take command at the highest level than any other team. No other team can compete with its executive cadre.

3 They are the best to fight Kang

Avengers Vol 1 23 Kang the Conqueror Hawkeye Avengers Comic Marvel

Kang is one of the most dangerous villains throughout time, tormenting heroes in multiple forms. While he’s battled groups like the Fantastic Four and the Inhumans, his greatest enemies are the Avengers, and they’ve been able to stop his most sinister plans better than anyone. Part of that is experience, as they’ve dealt with him the most, but the other part is how good they are.

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Kang is a serious threat to the entire timestream, and the Avengers know how to handle him like no one else. Even with his knowledge of future events and years of collecting weapons to use against them, he still cannot win.

2 They are the only team that have proven capable of effectively stopping Ultron.

Ultron looks at the energy he holds

Ultron is one of the most serious threats in the Marvel Universe. Created by Avenger Hank Pym, Ultron has attempted to destroy humanity many times. While he’s battled other groups of heroes, the only team that’s really had much success against him is the Avengers. A big reason for this is the number of awesome heroes on the team and the fact that its creator is an Avenger.

The few other teams that fought Ultron tried to beat him into submission, but the Avengers go further, trying to make sure he can’t just throw himself into a new body. This makes them much more effective against him.

1 They are a melting pot of superheroes

Avengers of the Secret Invasion Assembly

Marvel and DC heroes have a lot of differences as communities and the biggest difference is the layering of Marvel versus DC heroes. In the DC Universe, the heroic community is friendlier without division. Marvel is completely different, as Mutants, Eternals, and Inhumans pretty much keep to themselves and aren’t exactly best friends.

Except in the Avengers, of course. The team’s many rosters gathered heroes from each group and merged them into a single force. With the controversy of the various Marvel groups, this is a major achievement, which sets the Avengers apart from all others.

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