10 Ways Daredevil Is Like Batman


Created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett, Matt Murdock first appeared in daredevil #1 in 1964, 25 years after Batman’s comic book debut in Detective comics #27. Fans and comic book readers have made the comparison between Batman and Daredevil before, and it’s not entirely unwarranted.

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While there are many differences between the characters, there are also several notable similarities. Both heroes suffered tragic childhood losses, using those losses to fuel their heroic quests for justice. The two are two of the best martial artists in their comic universes and both lead double lives. Daredevil isn’t a carbon copy of Batman, but the two have certainly influenced each other over the years.

ten Daredevil and Batman are amazing fighters

It’s become a bit of a meme that Batman can defeat any fictional character given enough prep time, but there’s a reason this meme was created. Batman is one of DC Comics’ best fighters, and he trained others like Nightwing and Damian Wayne to become great as well.

On the Marvel side, Daredevil is also considered one of the best fighters in his universe. His style is a little grittier, having grown up watching his boxing father, but he also learned martial arts from Stick. Neither hero possesses super strength or speed, so they have honed their bodies to survive.

9 Both experienced tragedies as children

Almost every comic book reader is familiar with Batman’s origin story. Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered outside an old theater by a previously unknown gunman. Matt Murdock did not know his mother and his father was killed when Matt was just a child. Both heroes suffered significant casualties at a young age, but they used those casualties to fuel their missions.

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Bruce traveled the world, receiving the best training, honing his body and mind. After the accident gave Matt enhanced senses, he too trained his body and learned how to use his new powers. Eventually, both men donned hoods to root out organized crime in their cities.

8 Daredevil’s Billy Club Was Like Batman’s Utility Belt

Batman has a gadget for every situation. The amount of gadgets he carries with him would never fit in his utility belt, but he’s prepared for just about any situation. In some of the early Daredevil comics, Daredevil’s billy club looked a lot like Batman’s utility belt.

In its basic form, it is used as a fighting staff which can be divided into a nunchaku. He also frequently becomes a grappling hook that Daredevil uses to quickly traverse the city. On rare occasions, the billy club featured hidden microphones and recording devices, and it may even be disguised as a cane. The billy club may not be as versatile as the utility belt, but it’s definitely a versatile tool.

seven Both continue to experience tragedies

Their parents’ deaths may have laid the foundation for their superhero careers, but the tragic events didn’t end there for Batman and Daredevil. Both characters have suffered tremendous losses in their lives. Batman has experienced the deaths of many allies, including that of Jason Todd, at the hands of the Joker.

Daredevil has seen many loves die, including Karen Page and Elektra. Daredevil and Batman rarely experience periods of total bliss. And if they do, writers and artists are quick to tear them apart with a follow-up story involving death or betrayal in one form or another.

6 The two usually work alone, but also work in synergy with their teams

Batman and Daredevil usually work alone. At least they say they enjoy working alone, but both characters often team up with other heroes in their own series and ensemble books. Like most Marvel Comics heroes, Daredevil lives in New York and often teams up with fellow Defenders like Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and even Spider-Man.

Batman has established a whole family of Bat-Family allies that he works with in the various Bat-books. On top of that, Batman is a founding member of the Justice League, appearing in hundreds of Justice League comics since 1960.

5 Both use fear against criminals

During the events of the “Sinestro Corps War”, Batman was selected by a Yellow Lantern power ring because he “has the ability to instill great fear”. Batman ultimately rejected the ring, but his selection of him was very telling. Batman uses fear to gain an advantage over his opponents.

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Daredevil is known as “the man without fear”. He’s a skilled acrobat who treats the city like his playground, using his heightened senses to cross rooftops with ease. Batman and Daredevil use their striking appearances to scare and disarm criminals. They are heroes who like to stay in the shadows and stealthily attack their prey. If Daredevil existed in the DC Comics Universe, he would likely be selected by a yellow ring as well.

4 They both have complicated romantic relationships

When Batman first met Catwoman in Batman #1, she was a costumed villain and would remain a villain for many years to come. As DC entered its Silver and Bronze Ages, Selina Kyle’s persona deepened and she slowly became an anti-hero before becoming one of Batman’s closest allies.

Likewise, when Daredevil first encountered Elektra in daredevil #168, he attempted to stop her from assassinating her target. Elektra had worked for Kingpin and the Hand, but slowly became an anti-hero after developing a romantic relationship with Matt. Catwoman and Elektra are two characters that have bolstered the Daredevil and Batman comics, deepening the already rich characters of Bruce and Matt.

3 Batman & Daredevil Feature Dark Comedy Stories

Frank Miller loves redefining classic comic book origin stories. Miller worked on Batman issues 404-407, creating the legendary “Year One” arc with artist David Mazzucchelli, which explored Batman’s first year fighting crime in Gotham. Miller also examined Daredevil’s early superhero career in The man without fearIllustrated by John Romita Jr.

These stories were gritty, dark tales of the two heroes’ origins that set the tone for future comic book stories involving the characters. Some of the darkest stories in comics can be found in the Daredevil and Batman books, and Miller was the trailblazing creator who really solidified the two heroes as dark and tragic characters.

2 Daredevil and Batman have a complex relationship with the police

Depending on the story, Batman and Daredevil are seen as superheroes, vigilantes, or even criminals in the public eye. They take the law into their own hands, upsetting the status quo. Batman has eluded the police for most of his career, most notably in Frank Miller’s “Year One,” while Daredevil was recently arrested before the events of reign of the devil.

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Although the two heroes have made enemies with the police in their cities, they have also made many allies. Commissioner Jim Gordon still has Batman’s back, acting as Batman’s eyes and ears for Gotham PD. Daredevil’s closest civilian ally was Ben Urich. Ben was a reporter for the Daily Bugle and often provided Daredevil with advice on the Kingpin and other criminal organizations.

1 The two created legacies for other heroes to carry on

Batman is as respected in the DC Universe as he is loved in the real world. Many heroes look up to him and aspire to be like him. Batman created a legacy, and in times of crisis, especially after Final Crisisheroes like Dick Grayson have taken up the mantle of Batman.

Daredevil also created a lasting legacy. After the events of reign of the devilElektra became the new Daredevil in its three issues fearless woman miniseries. If Bruce Wayne or Matt Murdock were to disappear tomorrow, their Batman and Daredevil legacies would surely survive.

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