8 Comic Book Characters Channing Tatum Could Play That Aren’t Gambit



Although it seems like most of Hollywood has joined a superhero franchise, Channing Tatum is one A-lister who didn’t, but not for lack of trying. He was attached to star as fan-favorite X-Men character Remy LeBeau/Gambit in a solo movie since 2014. Although the project sat in development hell for several years before Fox’s acquisition by Disney in 2019 is definitely putting the movie aside.

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While Tatum is unlikely to be involved in Disney and Marvel Studios’ plans for Gambit, the actor isn’t expected to count himself out of the superhero game just yet. Whether it’s another Marvel character in the MCU or another franchise, Tatum has several choices to potentially play when he gets the chance.

8 Huck would be a more grounded superhero role for Tatum

Huck is a Millar Superman story without DC support

While Mark Millar is quite infamous for his heavy stories of violence and cynicism, his 2016 comic Hello wears his heart on his sleeve. Hello tells the story of a superpowered man named Huck who uses his abilities to do a good deed a day for the other townspeople. The residents have agreed to keep Huck’s powers a secret from the rest of the world, but it’s not long before a new resident leaks Huck’s existence to the masses, causing several complications.

Millar said he would love to see Channing Tatum as Huck live, and Tatum could definitely do a great job. Not only does Tatum look a lot like the character, but he can easily bring the warmth and charm that Huck needs to work as an on-screen character.

7 Tatum could be a great Wonder Man in the MCU

Simon Williams (better known as Wonder Man) is a character fans have been waiting to see join the MCU for a while. He almost made his debut in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, in which he would have been played by Nathan Fillion, but his scenes were cut. While Fillion would still make a great Wonder Man, Tatum would be just as good in the role if Fillion’s casting didn’t go down.

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Tatum has Williams’ muscular looks and would have no problem channeling the charming bravado that made him an entertaining character to readers and a nuisance to his fellow Avengers. Given that Williams is an actor in the comics, there could be a lot of fun meta humor if Tatum’s level of fame were satirized in the role.

6 Men of Metal leader Gold would be a good fit for Tatum

The Metal Men are one of DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ most underrated properties. currently has two projects based around them in development. One is a live action movie that men in black director Barry Sonnenfeld is attached to direct. The other is an animated film that will be supervised by Moana directors John Musker and Ron Clements. Whether it’s playing him physically or just giving him the voice, Tatum would be a solid choice to play Metal Men’s frontman Gold in either movie.

The Metal Men have generally been a chaotic but lovable group of heroes who have a family dynamic. Tatum would be able to capture Gold’s dedication and good-natured attitude, while standing out in the ensemble cast that Warner Bros. would probably try to get for either of the Metal Men projects.

5 Superior would be another suitable character


Once upon a time, Tatum would have been a good fit to play Billy Batson/Shazam. His tried-and-true comedic chops could lend themselves to playing an adult superhero who’s a transformed version of a young child. Zachary Levi already embodies that role perfectly in the DCEU, but that doesn’t mean Tatum couldn’t get a chance to play a similar role elsewhere.

If an adaptation of Mark Millar’s comedy series Superior were ever made, Tatum could bring Superior an energy similar to that of a child in a man’s body. A Superior adaptation should probably be very different from Shazam! work, but having an actor like Tatum to anchor the film would be a great start.

4 A role as Beard Hunter would leave Tatum getting pleasantly wacky

beard hunter

Tatum is a reliable comedic actor and there are several characters he could play who could benefit from his ability to get wacky. One such character is Doom Patrol villain Beard Hunter, an assassin who makes it his mission to hunt down anyone who has a beard because he can’t grow one.

He’s the kind of ridiculous character that could work well in the future. suicide squad movie. It would be awesome if Tatum played the completely straight role as Leslie Nielsen in Plane! and the naked gun movies.

3 Playing The Thing could knock Tatum out of his comfort zone

The Thing surrounded by flying rubble in the middle of a fight scene.

With a new The Fantastic Four film currently in production, it’s an understatement to say that anticipation for this new incarnation is at an all-time high. Concretely, fans are curious to know who will play the main characters. The Thing is a character the MCU needs to master. Tatum, while not the first choice for the role, could be an attractive option out of left field.

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Tatum looks handsome and muscular and has the confidence to play Ben Grimm. Playing Grimm once he’s transformed into The Thing wouldn’t be quite as easy, especially since he’d likely be done through motion capture. It would be interesting to see Tatum outside his comfort zone. Tatum is expected to rely on physical acting styles to play The Thing as a gruff, self-aware character whose charm and sense of humor often shine through. This could be the key to the new The Fantastic Four the film’s success and would open doors to different roles for Tatum.

2 Tatum playing Kite Man would be comedy gold

Kite Man takes off to launch an attack.

It’s not easy for a C-list supervillain to become a household name, but Kite Man did it thanks to his prominent place in Tom King’s Batman run and harley quinn animated series. Kite Man does not seem far from appearing in the DCEU, since the last episodes of Peacemaker confirmed his existence as the villain that Christopher Smith/Peacemaker faced. When his and Kite Man’s paths cross again, perhaps in a sequel The Suicide Squad, Tatum would be a great choice to don the visor, outfit, and various assortments of iconic kites.

As seen in 21 jump street and its sequel, Tatum would have no problem playing Kite Man as a lovable doofus that audiences can both laugh at and with. Of course, the idea of ​​Tatum bouncing off John Cena’s Peacemaker would have no shortage of hilarious moments.

1 Tatum could perfectly embody Booster Gold

On DC’s long list of characters who have yet to make their live-action debut is Michael Jon Carter/Booster Gold, the lovable glory pig from the future. He could easily carry his own movie or TV series into the DCEU. It’s just a matter of involving the right creative team and the perfect actor to play Booster. Tatum would certainly be up to the task of playing the hero.

While Booster may seem like an immature and vain superhero on the surface, he’s a much more complex character that shows maturity and growth over time. Tatum has shown he can take on roles that balance his natural charisma and comedic abilities with light drama. His background in the action and sci-fi genre would also help his performance considerably.

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