A Calculated Men Series Based On A Comic In The Works At Hulu


The vast world of comics is vast, and there is plenty of content to adapt for movies and TV. As Marvel and DC continue to thrive on the big and small screens, other comics also have their time to shine. This week it was announced that Hulu had acquired the rights to AfterShock Media’s A calculated manand is in the early stages of developing a series based on the comic book by writer Paul Tobin (bunny mask) and artist Alberto Albuquerque (The Amazing Spider-Man). According to DeadlinePeter Calloway, HBO Executive Producer Nevers and co-executive produced Freeform’s Cloak and Dagger as well as FX Legionsigned on to serve as showrunner and writer on A calculated man.

“It’s not often that a story grabs you by the throat and the heart at the same time,” Calloway explained. “A calculated man does exactly that. The moment I read Paul and Alberto’s beautifully bonkers book, I was thrilled to bring it to the screen. Doing it on Hulu — with their commitment to unique and unwavering stories — is a dream come true. »

“We are thrilled to have found the perfect home at Hulu,” added Lee Kramer, President of Film and Television, AfterShock Media. “It was a very competitive situation, but creatively they not only understood our vision for the title and lead role of Jack Beans, but also brought us a writer, Peter Calloway, who we had not only worked with before, but who also offered us a concept that was in-sync with Paul and Alberto’s devilishly fun creation.”

You can read a description of the comic here: “It’s a math-inspired crime series that follows Jack Beans, an accountant living in witness protection after betraying his former employers, the Pinafore crime family. After three years , Jack decides to reclaim his old life.What follows is a journey full of murder, mayhem and math.

In the past, Hulu hasn’t always had the best luck adapting comic books. marvel’s Runaways only lasted three seasons on the streaming site, and the expected ghost rider The series starring Gabriel Luna was dropped before it was even filmed. Recently, Hulu canceled the anime series MODOK which saw Patton Oswalt voice the Marvel villain. With a bit of luck, A calculated man will have a better chance because it’s not a Marvel comic.

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