AEW Reveals Plans To Crown Interim World Champion


CM Punk shared some unfortunate news with AEW fans during tonight’s episode of Rampage, revealing that he is injured and will need surgery. That means he’ll be out of action for a while, and he said during his promo that he doesn’t want to hold back AEW and any talent that might compete for the AEW World Championship. After some conflicting comments from the commentary team, AEW explained that they have not vacated the title and that they will be hosting a Dynamite Battle Royal next Wednesday to determine who will face Jon Moxley for the Interim AEW World Championship at Forbidden. Door.

We don’t yet know who will be participating in the battle royale, but Punk mentioned two people in his promo. One was Moxley, who should already be in the mix, and the other was Bryan Danielson. It would make sense for Danielson to be in the mix as well, and we could potentially see Danielson take on Moxley for the interim AEW World Championship.

During his promo, Punk said, “I’ve loved every second I’ve been in that ring. Every time I’ve been in that ring in front of you all has been a gift I never thought experiment. Here’s the bad news. The bad news is that I’m injured and I need surgery. A few things are broken, the most important is my heart. Because I wouldn’t like to play anything in front of you anymore. all and I wanted to have a hell of a race.”

“The good news is I can still do all of that. I told you I was gonna go for it until the wheels fell off and they’re still here and haven’t fallen off, it’s just one of them is broken,” Punk said. “I’ve been through worse and it’s a bump in the road. It hurts a lot. I want to fight for you. I want to fight now. That being said, let’s talk about this title. I told Tony before I was come here that I don’t want to delay this There’s a long list of talent that could fill my shoes and be champion I’m talking about Bryan Danielson I’m talking about Jon Moxley But Tony told me he believes in CM Punk, and he thinks it’s a roadblock.”

Punk ended with “The comeback is going to be better than the backhand. I’m champion for a reason, and I’m going to show you why I’m coming back faster, stronger and hungrier than ever, and I’ll prove why I’m the best in the world. !”

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