Alan Moore Confirms He’s Done With Comics: “It’s Became Unbearable”



Fan-favorite and critically acclaimed comic book creator Alan Moore discusses industry issues and explains why he’s “definitely done with comic books.”

Acclaimed author and comic book creator Alan Moore confirms his retirement from the world of comics.

Speaking to The Guardian, Moore made his retirement from comics official after a years-long hiatus from the medium. “I’m definitely done with the comics,” Moore said definitively. “I haven’t written one for five years. I will always love and adore the medium of comics, but the comics industry and everything in it has become unbearable.”

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Moore’s career in comics began by writing and illustrating comics for alternative magazines in 1978, which eventually brought him to the offices of 2000 AD Its catalog of works includes fan-favorite series on titles such as DC’s Swamp Thingwhich included John Constantine’s introduction, and marvel man (miracle man) alongside iconic artist Garry Leach, who tragically passed away in March 2022.

Many of Moore’s other recognizable works have been adapted for the big screen, including The League of Extraordinary Gentlemena reboot of which would be produced by Hulu. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was previously adapted into a feature film in 2003. The film was criticized upon its release and has long been attributed in part to the retirement of star Sean Connery.

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Alan Moore’s dislike of superheroes

Moore also spoke about his general distaste for how superhero comics in particular have become so ingrained in pop culture. “I didn’t really think superheroes were adult fare,” Moore explained. “I think it’s a misunderstanding born out of what happened in the 1980s – for which I have to take a considerable amount of responsibility, even if it wasn’t intentional – when things like watchmen made their first appearance. There were an awful lot of headlines saying “Comics have grown”. I tend to think no, comics haven’t grown. There were a few more adult titles than people were used to.”

Since leaving comics, Moore has immersed himself in the world of prose fiction, with his first collection of short stories titled Illuminations is due out October 11 from Bloomsbury Publishing. Moore remarked that he used the medium, saying, “I really like to write prose fiction. Because in some ways, to me, it seems like the purest medium. You have 26 characters and a dose of punctuation. With that, you can describe any imaginable universe.”

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