ALL-OUT AVENGERS Trailer Reveals Explosive New Missions For Marvel Comics Earth’s Mightiest


Marvel Comics released the first trailer for All-round avengers, a new ongoing series that promises to immerse Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – and readers – in madcap new adventures. Check it here…

After debuting at Comic-Con last weekend, Marvel Comics has released the official trailer for All-round avengersand all signs point to it being a must-read.

Launching September 7, the title promises to deliver a heart-pounding experience like no other comic in Marvel history as award-winning novelist Derek Landy and superstar artist Greg Land throw readers straight into the midst of some of the most most thrilling of the Avengers. Date.

From page one, first panel, the Avengers will be thrust into the action with no setup, no explanation, and no time for questions. In other words, beware of whiplash as you discover more as you flip through each explosive page!

The new trailer shows just how wild the series will be with scenes highlighting a vicious reversal between Thor and a corrupt Captain Marvel, an army of warriors led by new villain Queen Arrok, and more.

Each issue will see a wide cast of Avengers take on a standalone threat, but connect for a jaw-dropping saga that should keep readers on the edge of their seats for months to come. What that will be remains to be seen, but it looks like a fun and refreshing change of pace for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

“The trick was to work within the inherent limitations of the concept, but also to find a way to deliver what everyone expects: a continuity of ideas and the development of an overarching storyline,” Landy says of the book’s unique premise. “I needed to find the hook that takes the reader from one issue to the next, and I figured the best way to do that was to put the Avengers in the same situation as the reader: they’re aware that it happens, but they don’t. I don’t know why…”

“After reading Derek’s script for #1, I knew it would be a fun and challenging project,” Land added. “So far, all of the scripts have been full of interesting and cool scenes for our changing roster of Avengers. Hitting every problem in the middle of the action is a great story vehicle and keeps us racing from the start. I hope everyone can see the excitement in the artwork and the all-out action (pun intended).”

Check out the trailer below and be sure to get in on the action when All-round avengers hits comic book stores everywhere September 9th.

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