ANDOR’s latest episode sets the stage for a jailbreak and reveals an unexpected family connection



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Yesterday’s episode of Andor piled up in a plot of the story, but moved its characters to very interesting new places. For starters, we got a really big reveal when it was confirmed that Rebel Vel Sartha (Faye Marsay) is actually Mon Mothma’s cousin. Mon encouraged her to play the role of a spoiled rich girl to avoid attracting too much unwanted attention, but has her own problems.

Getting his hands on this money doesn’t turn out to be as easy as Mon had hoped, leading to an upcoming encounter with a “rogue” Chandrilan who may be able to help him.

Elsewhere, it’s now apparent that Dedra Meero is far from a sympathetic Imperial. While she initially appears as a woman struggling in a man’s world to do the right thing, the BSI agent is just as twisted and evil as others who loyally serve the Empire.

This is evident when she tortures Bix Caleen for information on Cassian Andor’s whereabouts. How? Using footage of Imperials murdering alien children. The noise these kids make is enough to drive anyone crazy, and it doesn’t take long for Meero to crack Bix.

Cassian, meanwhile, is still in that Imperial prison, but things soon take a sinister turn. While he is plotting an escape, news travels to his floor that someone who was “released” was instead sent to another part of the facility. Once that was said, every prisoner on the floor was killed. There is no way out of this prison; when you’re here, it’s a life sentence.

With that, Andy Serkis’ Kino Loy finally relents and tells Cassian how many guards are on their floor, clearly warming to his plan to stage an escape.

This is where the episode ends, but Andor has definitely found its groove in recent weeks. We still have three episodes to go, so where things go from here promises to be very interesting.

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