Andy Blood and CENNZnet team up for the release of a new NFT book


Auckland, New Zealand, April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Andy Blood, former creative strategist at Facebook, continued his partnership with CENNZnet for the release of his new book Near, far-fetched futures. The collection of six short stories will be released as NFTs, paired with an animated artwork, at a blockchain community release event starting in April.

The stories in Near future, wacky explore the themes and possibilities that will exist in the metaverse. These range from The Last Bitcoin (set in the year 2139) to the social network of things, a terrorist group infiltrating CERN, our overly smart cities going dumb, militarizing “clean” and first contact with non-human life smart. Carl Sagan and Tim Berners-Lee make appearances, in roles they might never have imagined. These are tales for an accelerated culture.

“Working closely with Liz Izmailova and Nicole Upchurch and the team at helped me create something unique, so that every story embedded in the NFT itself was easily readable by anyone interested. ” — Near future, wacky AuthorAndy Blood.

“In 2022, when many rushed to the metaverse, this author spent his time focusing on the multiverse. In this world, many versions of you live many versions of your life. We are delighted to host such a creative literary project on one of CENNZnet’s platforms. — CENNZnet CMO Nicole Upchurch.

Near future, wacky is another collaboration between CENNZnet and Andy Blood following the world’s first “book as NFT” project last September. Their previous release Full purge was received with great enthusiasm by technical circles and the Web3 community.

Each individual NFT story in the Near future, wacky will be released in an edition of ten exclusively on the Lithoverse platform.

The 6 NFT-story pairs will be launched on the following dates and can be viewed here:

April 6, the last Bitcoin:

April 13, Fridge has 823 friends:

April 20, the 1993 group:

April 27, Smart Cities Dumb:

May 4, Spore:

May 11, The Golden Shell:

Here’s what critics had to say:

“Near Futures Far Fetched is a remarkable anthology that sits somewhere between thought experiment and cautionary tale. It’s fiction woven together with just enough real-world cultural and sociopolitical nuances to make the threads of each story unfold. feel bound to an inescapable truth. And yet it’s never weighed down by it; each chapter swings between the serious and the almost absurd with an unmistakable twinkle in its forward-looking eye. Refracted through the exceptional imagination of Blood, we see these other worlds as mirage and reflection, inviting us to consider not only our fears of what’s to come, but also the ridiculous reality we’ve already constructed.A dynamic, entertaining and subversive read.

Kyra Bartley, director.

“An unofficial white paper for all our futures. As many as they are.

Temple Fields, author.

“Funny, thought-provoking…and thought-provoking.”

Andy Hamilton. VC, early seed investor.

“2001, Foundation, Black Mirror….in a long line of science fiction speculations, here is a new breath and a new step on these literary stairs. With a flourish, may I introduce the talented Andy Blood.

Vincent Ward. ONZM, director, screenwriter, artist.

Near future. Far-Fetched (Kindle Edition) is available for pre-order on Amazon now, and its paperback edition will be released on May 06.

The sales will grant owners a 1% share of revenue from the final collection released as NFTs on May 6. Twenty percent of the profits will go to help the Ukrainian people in their war against Vladimir Putin.

Future near, wacky part 2 will be released in October 2022.

About Andy Blood

Andy is a former “world’s most awarded creative director” who spent five years at Facebook. Last year, his book Full Bleed was a global first “book as NFT” project on the CENNZnet blockchain and Lithoverse platform. Full Bleed also reached #69 on Amazon’s Kindle Rankings (Category: Business, Advertising, Biography). He was described as a fearless creator and one serial innovator. He has spent the last year working and consulting on Web3 and blockchain related projects.

About CENNZnet

CENNZnet is a highly optimized and EVM-compatible L2 blockchain connected to Ethereum via a sophisticated bridge protocol. It offers an L2 or sidechain solution so users can leverage the tools of Ethereum alongside the optimized and faster CENNZnet experience. The platform is highly secure, fast, and geared to enable open and inclusive metaverse projects, P2E gaming, advanced NFT technology, and cutting-edge ideas.

For more information, please contact Andy Blood:

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