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Andy Livingstone

REGGAE singer Andy Livingston recently made his literary debut with the release of a book titled Through the dark eyes.

“I never really intended to write a book, but over the years I wrote down my ideas. I also started to include some of my poetry in my live performances and, at Over time, my writing improved tremendously, so I decided to get some of my work published,” he said.

Livingston says the book is an anthology of poems that address a wide range of social issues affecting modern Jamaica, including racism, colorism and poverty.

“The poems in this book were inspired by my experience as a black man in Jamaica and my Afrocentric worldview. It is very sad to know that after nearly 200 years of emancipation, our country is still under shock of the effects of slavery and colonialism,” he lamented.

He continued, “I hope this book will help inspire Jamaicans to come to a better place of understanding and learn to put aside their differences and build a better Jamaica.”

Through the dark eyes was released on Amazon in July.

The artist is also preparing to release his new EP titled Renaissance.

“I’ve been really busy in the studio lately and I have a lot of new music to release, so I thought I might as well release an EP as a teaser before releasing my new album next year,” Livingston said.

The seven-track project is a compilation of self-conscious reggae songs and amorous rock, including I was born again, a remix of good people starring Peter Metro, Corruption and No solution.

“This project is just a taste of what my fans can expect when my album is released next year; it contains seven wholesome and authentic reggae songs. My music is food for the soul, I am therefore convinced that this EP will be warmly welcomed by reggae music lovers all over the world,” said Livingston.

Co-produced by Herbert “Herbie” Harris, Delroy “Fatta” Pottinger and Livingston, the EP is due out before the end of the month.

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