ANU energy researcher tells fable about energy transition in new children’s book



An ANU researcher from the School of Electrical, Energy and Materials Engineering Research has published a new children’s book about Australia’s transition to renewable energy.

Renewable energy researcher at the Australian National University (ANU), recipient of the 2022 Tall Poppy and father of one, Dr Bjorn Sturmberg, has launched his new book Amy’s Balancing Game to explain and contextualize the renewable energy transition in Australia.

He was inspired to tell the story of clean energy through a fun and engaging book that brings children, their families and educators together – and he also suggests our politicians – to understand the science and emotions of transition. energy.

“While I have regularly contributed to energy policy and technology discussions, I believe the most important contribution I can make is to educate and inspire people to trust in the power of clean energy. “, said Dr. Sturmberg.

Amy’s Balancing Game is more than a bedtime fable, it is an invitation to respect the services provided by coal-fired power plants, while being lucid about the better future of an electrical system entirely powered by solar, wind , batteries and pumped hydroelectricity.

“It’s not a fairy tale, but rather a description of the transition already well under way today.”

Through the novel, Dr Sturmberg also hopes to allay any concerns and uncertainties that parents – and the general public – might feel following the major changes currently taking place in Australia’s energy market.

“I believe that a simple and easily understandable explanation of the transformation taking place in our energy system, from fossil fuel generation to renewable energy, is essential to building support across society, across all generations,” did he declare.

“The vision I have is for my son and his generation to live safely in a world that works together to solve the climate crisis, values ​​diversity and takes advantage of the vast potential of low-cost, clean renewable energy sources. that we can exploit now.”

The book was launched in Parliament with a reading by Nobel Laureate and ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt AC and speakers from across Parliament affirming the importance of a positive and inclusive narrative.

Amy’s Balancing Act is published by Little Steps Publishing, more information is available here.

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