Author Elizabeth Johnson writes the first children’s book “Just Like My Dad”


Writers Elizabeth Johnson and Tyrell Plair (Photo courtesy of[LeonVinson/PlaTyMultimedia&Publishing)[LeonVinson/PlaTyMultimedia&Publishing)[LeonVinson/PlaTyMultimedia&Publishing)[LeonVinson/PlaTyMultimedia&Publishing)

When two creative minds come together, great things can happen. This is what happened to writers Elizabeth Johnson and Tyrell Plair.

Breakout author Elizabeth Johnson decided she wanted to start writing children’s books. So, with a very promising writing career ahead of her, she signed with PlaTy Multimedia & Publishing, of which Tyrell Plair is the CEO. The dream has come true for a confirmed writer who has written a novel, Stolen innocence, helped Johnson with his book. The dream came true for Johnson when Plair co-wrote his first children’s book, Just like my father. Find out the rest of the story of what inspires them to write.

What did you like best about writing Just like my father?

Tyrell Plair: What I liked the most about writing this book was that I had the chance to recall the positive and negative aspects of my childhood and incorporate them into a story that young people and children alike. adults can identify themselves.

Elizabeth Johnson: Writing the book and knowing that I was achieving my goal of guiding children and encouraging children and parents with great literary work that could strengthen family dynamics and relationships, has always served as an inspiration to keep writing.

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