Award-Winning Writer Xue Mo to Present Literary Works Describing Life in Western China at Frankfurt Buchmesse 2022



FRANKFURT, Germany, October 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chinese writer Xue Mo bringing over thirty books, including his renowned work In the desertto present a thematic exhibition at the booth of China International Book Trading Corporation (“CIBTC”) on 74e Frankfurter Buchmesse, plans to hold talks with publishing houses and international organizations to discuss cooperation on book copyright.

Scheduled to stand from October 19 to 23 in Germany, Frankfurt Buchmesse is the world’s largest shopping center for digital and print content, with the annual book extravaganza labeled as “the world’s culture barometer”. At booth 6.2 B110, CIBTC will showcase some of the most well-known books written by the Chinese literary giant, alongside Stories selected by Xue Mo, a collection of wonderful stories about the culture, life and spirit of western chinawhich has been translated into more than 20 languages.

Cultural scholar and prolific writer, author of more than a hundred literary and cultural works, Xue Moreal name Chen Kaihong, creates a myriad of characters in his books with his unique spirituality and powerful imagination that transports his readers to the heart of the rural areas of western china to witness their struggle, their love, their death and their faith as they search for hope and eternity.

Xue Mo has been nominated three times for the Mao Dun Literature Prize, one of the most prestigious literary prizes in Chinawith his most world-famous works, including Rites of the desert and White Tiger Pass. His suosalangan epic poem of eighty thousand lines and more than a million words, resulting from his own lifelong study and practice, contributes to filling the lack of epic poetry in Chinese literary history, which is also hailed by literary critics as one of the greatest epic fantasies whose majestic scope also accords with The Lord of the Rings and A song of ice and fire.

In the deserta story included in Xue Mo’s full novel White Tiger Pass, is steeped in symbolism. It’s a fable about human destiny, the story of two interdependent women – Lanlan and Ying’er – who ventured into a desert in search of a new life. The dichotomous personas of the two heroines represent the contradictory state of mind that each can identify with in the face of life’s struggles and pains, and their confrontation with the monstrous rhythms of the desert, the dholes, symbolizes the inevitable perils that loom on the way to freedom. Their perseverance, composure and fearlessness ultimately enabled them to get out of danger, and it was also these qualities that helped Xue Mo, and all those related to the story, navigate its own desert. The wisdom flowing from his fingertips illuminates the hearts of countless readers.

“The desire to seek hope is not limited to people living in western china or country, but is shared by all mankind. They may hope for different things and find hope by different means, but one word can define what they were really looking for: eternity. All humans try to pursue eternity, whether it’s eternal health, happiness, relationships, or love. For this, everyone ventures into their own desert,” he added.

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