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We hear about animal-human conflict so often that we forget that it is we who are encroaching on their territories and not the other way around. But not everyone is oblivious to their side of the story. Asian elephant specialist Amirtharaj Christy Williams has fixed and tracked several elephants by radio in Rajaji National Park in Uttarakhand since the 1990s and formed close associations with several of these pachyderms, including Tipu, the largest elephant ever recorded to park. Keeping it in the center, it writes the history of elephants, their big hearts, their whims, their lives and their struggles. A strong advocate for wildlife conservation, the author has worked with elephants across Asia.

State of terror

by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny.

Pan Macmillan.

Pages 494. Rs650

Pandemic-induced hibernations have sprouted books all over the world. Hillary Clinton teams up with one of these novels with Louise Penny, a more local read, to save American cities from bombs planted by an evil Pakistani, a plot complicated by a traitor in the National Security Council. As the US Secretary of State shakes the Russian President, Iranian Ayatollah and Pakistani Prime Minister while traveling the world with a trusted friend, the overabundance of characters and their related pasts produce a page turner. Then there’s the peek, even through a mirror, into the vicious catfight that takes place off the stage in the upper echelons of power.

CaFour and twenty black birds

by Godfrey

Joseph Pereira.

Talking tiger.

Pages 278. Rs499


“It really started on Cross Island, this glorious, crazy, tragic story.” This is how Danny Strongbow remembers his grandfather’s exploits on an island near the Bombay Docks. Charlie Strongbow, born in Bombay, was a renegade Englishman, mercenary, philosopher and schizophrenic. When India was granted freedom in 1947, it began its own bizarre journey to a no man’s land in the Arabian Sea. Based on his letters, this historical fictional novel tells the story of his black market trade between Southampton and Bombay, his pace threatened by memories of his past and a traumatic childhood, all of which gave a boost to his mental illness. Godfrey Joseph Pereira recreates this dark tale of greed, corruption and derangement

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