Batman Artist Apparently Teases Gotham Knights Tie-In Comic



A new report claims that accomplished comic book artist Greg Capullo may be working on a tie-in book dedicated to the Gotham Knights game.

Fans delighted with the upcoming release of Gotham Knights think they’ve spotted evidence that the game will be getting a tie-in comic.

According to Twitter user @Jsig212James, famed comic book artist Greg Capullo recently posted and deleted sketches of what fans believe is a panel of a potential Gotham Knights delivered. In the original tweet, Capullo didn’t mention the game, merely teasing readers that he’s working on a new project. Upon inspecting the image, fans are convinced that the depictions of Batgirl and Nightwing closely resemble the costumes the characters are wearing. Gotham Knights. Neither Warner Bros. Neither Games Montreal nor DC Comics have revealed if the highly anticipated open-world game will receive some sort of comic book adaptation.

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While it should be noted that nearly every game based on a DC Comics franchise has been given an official comic book link, a grain of salt is always recommended. While the shared designs are similar in style to the costumes highlighted in Gotham Knights‘ reveal the trailer, they may belong to a number of Bat-Family related projects.

Announced in 2020, Gotham Knights is one of the most anticipated games of 2022. Following the sudden and tragic death of Batman, players will step into the crime-fighting boots of Nightwing, Red Hood, Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl, and Tim Drake’s Robin. As the villains rise to claim the city for themselves, the Bat-Family must fight back to keep the grim streets of Gotham safe. Each character has unique abilities and fighting styles, allowing for a diverse set of gameplay mechanics and combat scenarios.

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Although it is not known if Capullo illustrates a Gotham Knights comic, the artist is credited with creating The Court of Owls alongside writer Scott Snyder. The shadowy organization quickly became one of the Caped Crusader’s most popular and menacing foes, pushing Bruce Wayne to his physical and mental limits. It is confirmed that the Court plays an important role in Gotham Knights, as the game’s story trailer teases that they will act as the Bat-Family’s main adversaries. Players will face off against the Talons, a collection of deadly assassins who work to advance the Court’s control over Gotham. Warner Bros. Games Montreal revealed that they have created several new forms of vicious killers to further challenge fans.

Gotham Knights releasing in 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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