Bay Area Children’s Theater Presents LES IMAGINAIRES: An Immersive Musical


Coming to life on March 5, 2022, the Bay Area Children’s Theater has created the very first immersive theatrical experience specially designed for young audiences. Entitled THE IMAGINAIRES! Young audiences will enter a world like they have never seen before, inspired by children’s imaginations.

The Imaginaries: An Immersive Musical focuses on Imaginaries, larger-than-life imaginary friend characters who can enter the human world to help their needy human child at any time. But no one has ever seen a human child enter the make-believe world … until now. With a new conception of production that allows viewers to see, feel, touch and experience this performance live, the live audience enters literally and figuratively into the world of imaginary friends and the humans they help.

Nina Meehan, CEO and Founder of Bay Area Children’s Theater (BACT), envisioned the immersive concept with her team including Artistic Director, Khalia Davis and Artistic Associate, Austin Zumbro. “The stories we bring to life on stage are FOR young audiences,” Meehan said. “So when they come to see these stories, they have to feel a sense of belonging. A wonderful way to do this is to have a total interactive experience. We are breaking the mold of traditional theater! “

When audiences come to see The Imaginaries !, they don’t just watch the show, they become part of the show. From choosing what kind of imaginary friend they want to be, to being able to explore and play on set before, after, and even during the show, the BACT team have created the environment to let the fun run wild. children’s imagination. The theater began an overhaul to create a 360-degree set that incorporates structures for playing, climbing, sitting, and enjoying the show that are recreations of a child’s imagination.

Imaginaries! The musical also includes a children’s graphic novel series, Pocket Guide for Imaginary Friends, which features characters from the series and is currently available on the BACT website and Amazon. Children can read and play with the book before and after the performance, developing a relationship with these characters and stories. Additionally, as it was envisioned as a trilogy, kids will learn and grow with these characters in three different setups with extra books, stickers / activity books, guides, radio plays / podcasts and more. online opportunities that will continue to help promote and model imaginative play and thinking, creative problem solving, and what it means to be an imaginary friend. A distribution album, instructional videos, music videos and more are also planned.

You can currently purchase the eBook, Pocket Guide for Imaginary Friends (here), the printed version (here). You can get information about tickets (here).

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