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October 31: Author Manoj Kumar Sharma is someone who can rightly be considered a ‘true director’ and has several feathers in his cap apart from his two amazing literary titles. Well, if we take a look at his first novel, “MIRRRO: At The Weird Wayward” or his latest title, “Me No Pause, Me Play”, we can easily access the depth and variety of the author’s writing. The genre in his two books are like poles of each other and our author here has managed to create a great job in both segments and that’s probably the main reason why the reading community has so many love and respect for him!

Well, the author Manoj Kumar Sharma is a self-proclaimed writer-author, whom these stories are very appealing to, who fearlessly breaks laws to bring about better laws. After spending 31 years working with multinationals and corporations as a civil engineer, he has traveled Snakes & Ladders and experienced various shades of life. It belongs to Thane, Maharashtra. The author has a natural taste for fictional stories, looking for ready-made solutions for perennial social problems.

‘MIRRRO: At The Weird Wayward’ is the author’s debut novel, exploring the absolute cleanup of a few issues on a very long list, while the other issues will also be tackled one by one. Interestingly, the sequel to this title is also being created with a pen name like MIRRRO. Whereas now MIRRRO best-selling author Manoj Kumar Sharma has released his upcoming novel “Me No Pause, Me Play” from a completely different genre i.e. Women Fiction!

With his highly acclaimed literary fiction title, “MIRRRO: At The Weird Wayward”, author Manoj Kumar Sharma has been honored with several prestigious awards by renowned literary houses in 2020. Some of the major recognitions author Manoj has received include – Best Debut Author Award from ICMDR, Best Debut Novel Award from CRITICSPACE Top 100 Novels, Best Fiction (Thriller) Award from Indian Awaz Foundation, Best Thriller Book from the Year by Literary Mirror, Best Fiction Book of the Year by AIY AGHAAZ, Best Writer’s Award by Yashassvi Awards. As an overview, the author believes that “writing is a soulful act” blessed by Maa Sarasvati and inspired by Muse, not the author.

Author Manoj’s debut title, ‘MIRRRO: At The Weird Wayward’ is a groundbreaking novel and has received tremendous love from readers around the world. The book has received over 250 ratings and reviews on top platforms like Amazon and Goodreads. While currently author Manoj’s latest title, “Me No Pause, Me Play”, is also in the spotlight, as the book covers a great story that revolves around women and femininity through the Social Kaleidoscope lenses!

The incredible writing that the author has done in his two books is undoubtedly reason enough for you to focus on his work. There is no doubt that in the coming days we will see many more titles from author Manoj Kumar Sharma. Whereas, now going through the achievements and journey of author Manoj, it will not be at all wrong to conclude that he will soon be a popular name in the writing world.

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