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Looking to find your dream book this Valentine’s Day season? The Colfax Library makes this possible through our annual Blind Date with a Book program, available throughout February for adults.

We were sure to include books of all genres and formats to suit everyone’s tastes. Get comfortable with everything from historical fiction and romance to psychological thrillers and science fiction. Our blind date books are available in large format, as well as standard paperback, graphic novel, and audiobook versions.

Here are some clues about our available dates. See if you can guess any of the titles!

Fiction: regency romance, deepest secret, gossip columnist, elusive bachelor

Large Print: Socialite, Polish Resistance, World War II, German Doctor, Fight for Justice

Audiobook: Australia, Secrets, Drama, Humor, Maternity, Intimidation, Violence

Fiction: Suspense, Mythology, Murder, Obsession, Secret Society

Audiobook: Tropical, Winter, Secret Lives, Widow, Mystery

Fiction: Explorer, ancient civilization, El Dorado, Amazon jungle

Fiction: France, Second World War, Love, Danger, Betrayal

Audiobook: bank robbery, humor, mental health, friendship, Swedish author

Fiction: race relations, 1950s Alabama, fathers and daughters, moving, funny, captivating

Fiction: comforting, love and logic, Asperger syndrome, mathematics, male escort

Have you seen any that intrigue you? Stop by Colfax Library to check one out anytime during February and you just might fall in love.

To go on a blind date with a book, simply browse the display of wrapped books, read the tips, choose your favorite, check it out, unbox and enjoy! If you don’t know which one to choose, contact us and a librarian will arrange it for you. Curbside pickup remains available for those who prefer contactless payment.

Previous blind date enthusiasts have really enjoyed the surprise of unboxing the book, trying to guess the titles from our clever hints, and the opportunity to read something they wouldn’t normally choose.

Here are some highlights from previous experiences of blind daters:

“It was a fun book. The best feature of my date was the animals and their antics. – ‘Nine Lives to Die’ by Rita Mae Brown

“Excitement and adventure; amazing exploring. — “The Lost City of Z” by David Grann

“I was really interested in the story…loved the graphic details.” — “The Trial of Lizzie Borden” by Cara Robertson

“An intriguing insight into Arab culture. I have already recommended it to a friend.” – “A woman is not a man” by Etaf Rum

“The story hooked me! Subplots, mystery and a surprise ending! — “A Sister’s Hope” by Wanda Brunstetter

“Very entertaining, thoughtful, creative and witty.” — “What I Lick in Your Face and Other Dog Haikus” by Jamie Coleman

“This one was a tearjerker. I love how the author was able to tell the story from multiple angles. I think it should be read in every US history class in high school and college. — “They Called Us Enemies” by George Takei

All entrants have a chance to win a date at Colfax’s restaurant, Serfes Foods, in the form of a $20 gift certificate.

With a grading scale ranging from “bad miss” to “very hot,” be sure to return the Rate Your Date slip included with your blind date book to Colfax by March 11, which serves as your entry. in the draw. Don’t hesitate to come back to the counter or to our book scraps.

To sweeten the deal, attendees will also receive a small Valentine’s Day treat when they check out a blind date book (while supplies last).

Not only users of the Colfax Library, but also patrons belonging to our other Whitman County Rural District Library branches, are invited to participate. Just contact me at the Colfax Library and share your book tastes and we’ll send your branch a blind date book that we think is a good match for you.

If you’re ready to fall in love in February, call (509) 397-4366 or email [email protected]

Phelan-Blamires is the Public Services Librarian at the Whitman County Library.

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