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Murray Crawford has done it again! With his new book, More Whimsical Tales of Old Wanganui, he picks up where he left off with his predecessor, delighting the reader with insights into our city’s past.

After scouring public records for stories, Murray once again presented them in his “over teacups” style, opening windows into Whanganui’s social history.
There are drunks, thieves, smugglers, politicians, misfits and all sorts of startling stories, taken from the newspapers of the time and told with Murray’s sometimes cynical modern point of view.

Enlightening, informative and always entertaining, there are no sacred cows, but you will find other farm animals, stolen hats, stolen cabbage, motor vehicle speed limits and a look at regulations of the day, making us wonder if citizens had any freedoms at all!
There are some serious historical moments filled with fun and colorful facts with the personalities that made up the town that grew along the river. Granny Dalton makes an appearance, along with a photo of her Masterton gravestone.

Did you know that we had kangaroos in Gordon Park, or that the import and release of pheasants, quails and “house sparrow” were encouraged?
The author/editor/collator of these stories let them speak, without judgment and certainly without restraint. Ethics and modern mores should not dull the edge of these tales, told in the spirit of the times.
Profusely illustrated with images and photographs, the book is a treasure trove of historical facts, most of which are stranger than fiction, as the saying goes.

Murray has produced another book worthy of a place in any Whanganui library.
“More Whimsical Tales of Old Wanganui” will launch this Saturday, July 9 at 11 a.m., at the Alexander Heritage Library, Queens Park. All proceeds go to Alzheimers Whanganui.

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