Book talk about Iqbal, islam held


LAHORE: The Library Book Club of the University of Punjab organized a special program in honor of Ramazan-ul-Mubarik, the anniversary of the death of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and the World Book and Human Rights Day author.

In this regard, a book conference on Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Islam was organized along with the distribution of the Book Lover Awards to the highly committed readers of PU Library. Professor Dr. Moeen-ud-Din Nizami, Dean of Oriental Learning, was the chief guest. He presented a lecture on “Kuliyat-a-Iqbal”. Dr. Muhammad Jawwad from the Department of Philosophy spoke on “The Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts in Islam” by Allama Iqbal. He explained the main intricacies of the book and well argued Allama Iqbal’s philosophical thought on Islam.

After the conference, Book Lover Awards were distributed to 10 highly engaged library readers. This year, four professors and six students were awarded and belong to various academic disciplines. Dr. Muhammad Haroon Usmani, Chief Librarian of PU Library, said that the library started this tradition in 2012 and since then, every year the library, with the aim of promoting the culture of reading, organizes this activity. for distribution on World Book and Copyright Day.

Meanwhile, the English Literary Society celebrated World Book Day at Pak Tea House here on Friday. This year, the theme for World Book Day was “Literary Books Written on COVID-19”. Speakers on this occasion discussed and reviewed several prominent novels written by the world’s leading writers on the given topic.

Scottish novelist Ali Smith has written a ‘Summer’ novel about the coronavirus. It is considered one of the best novels written about the pandemic to date. The novel is a true reflection of social distancing, immigration, isolation and confinement measures. It is emotionally moving, touching and filled with tenderness and resentment due to the restriction of freedom. In the novel ‘Fell’ writer Sarah Moss told the story of a woman driven mad by lockdown while in the novel ‘Burn Coat’ writer Sarah Hall wrote how to survive during lockdowns and lockdowns. emerging tensions.

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