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A watersports activity center in Cornwall has separated its charity work from its bookings to make it easier for people to enjoy activities and events.

The former Lake Trevassack quarry near Garras is home to the headquarters of the Children’s Sailing Trust, a selection of purpose-built accessible holiday homes, and now Children’s Sailing Trust Experiences.

A new website has been designed so that people can now book water sports more easily.

It was created from scratch by CST Marketing Manager Katie Chown, who said: “The original Trust website had too much to offer, the messages were getting lost, so the decision was made to separate the commercial activities of the charitable cause in a way that still represents the main purpose – charity for children – but makes it easier for people to book water sports.”

CST Experience sailing. Credit:

Although there are separate websites, they are both linked.

“By having separate but linked websites, CSTX can focus on developing an e-commerce website by raising much-needed funds to help cover the costs of the charity, and the CST website can focus on our purpose – the charity work we do with schools, homeschooling and SEND children in Cornwall,” added Katie.

Children’s Sailing Trust Experiences offers water sports activities and events to the public on the Helford River and Lake Trevassack. or mental capacity.

This year marks 25 years of providing local children with sailing opportunities they otherwise would not have had the chance to participate in. The association aims to help young people gain confidence and acquire skills in all aspects of life.

Sailing along the Helford River.  Credit:

Sailing along the Helford River. Credit:

A parent of a schoolboy said: “My daughter’s confidence grew very unexpectedly. She was eager to try something new, to work with others and to lead others without hesitation.

“She also relished the opportunity to navigate independently and with others and lead others without shirking.

“I had no idea how much she would appreciate this and how proud of herself she would be.”

The charity relies heavily on grants and donations to cover the running costs of subsidized sailing courses on the Helford River and to continue providing experiences for young people for another 25 years.

Visitors have the chance to learn to paddleboard.  Credit:

Visitors have the chance to learn to paddleboard. Credit:

All ages and abilities are welcome at Trevassack, with the whole site being developed to be as inclusive and accessible as possible, with winches and adapted craft allowing our experienced staff to help people with disabilities get out on the water.

There are also alternative options for those who don’t feel like going in the water. The center houses a café and a function room for celebrations and meetings.

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