Bray Wyatt delivers another Twitter post, this time loaded with references to the pro wrestling industry


Bray Wyatt (Wyndham Rotunda) took to Twitter on Sunday with another obscure post, this time discussing his thoughts on the pro wrestling industry while giving a few nods to various wrestlers and promotions. The message reads: “Wrestling is not a love story, it’s a fairy tale for masochists. A comedy for people who criticize punchlines. A fantasy that most cannot understand , a sight no one can deny. Lines are blurred. Heroes are villains. Budgets are cut, business is business.

“But it can also be a land where dead men walk. Where honor makes you elite. Where demons run for office. And Rock bottom is cause for rejoicing. WOOOOO! It’s an escape “, he continued. “A reason to blame it on anyone but yourself for 2-3 hours. An excuse to be a kid again, and nothing matters except when we are. The fight n It’s not a love story, it’s more. It’s hope. And in a world surrounded by hate, greed and violence, a world where closure may never come. We all know a place where hope is hot and cold, for better or for worse.

The opening line is a direct reference to Cody Rhodes, who tweeted “Wrestling is love,” shortly after returning to WWE at Wrestle Mania 38 and defeated Seth Rollins. The tweet also referenced budget cuts that have seen over 100 WWE wrestlers lose their jobs since the pandemic began, The Undertaker, AEW President Tony Khan buying the Ring of Honor, Kane becoming mayor of the Knox County, Tennessee, The Rock, Ric Flair, and the various professional wrestling programs that run two (or in the case of Raw, three) hours a week.

Wyatt was quick to respond to a few criticisms – “It’s not meant to be cryptic. It’s a reminder to me and others who need to be reminded of how special this company is. And how much we We’re lucky to have it. Put your microscope and prejudice aside and read it again. #DooDoo”

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