B&tB artist, died at 51


Eric Jones, the acclaimed comic book artist perhaps best known for co-creating the little dark comic book series for Slave Labor Graphics (which was later adapted into the Scary Larry animated series) with his longtime friend and collaborator, Landry Q. Walker, has died at the age of 51.

Walker broke the tragic news online, saying of his pal, “I’ll have a lot more to say about this soon. But right now I don’t have the words. Eric Jones – my artistic collaborator since over 30 years old, my friend, my family – passed away unexpectedly. Artist of Batman, Supergirl, Star Wars, Danger Club, Pepper Page, And so many other things…”.

Jones broke into the independent comics scene in the mid-1990s with work at Aeon Comics’ dirty habits, in 1994 (before that, he made the first poster for iconic rock band Green Day). It was the first professional comic that Jones and Walker worked on together. They soon followed that up with the adorable all-ages goth comic, little darkfor Slave Labor Graphics (now SLG Publishing), in 1999. little dark was loosely adapted into the 2012 French animated series, Scary Larry (renamed again ChildrenClick for when it was adapted for American television).

After working on Little Gloomy (which appeared in the pages of Disney Adventures in the last years of this series) and a tron series for SLG, Walker and Jones later collaborated on the brilliant Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in 8th grade in 2008-09.

The series perfectly predicted the recent boom in all-ages comics.

Walker and Jones have worked on a number of other licensed products for all ages over the years, including stays on the Batman: The Brave and the Bold comic series, as well as IDW Star Wars Adventures.

The pair also made the creator-owned series, Danger Clubfor Image Comics, and more recently, The Infinite Adventures of Supernova Volume 1: Pepper Page Saves the Universe!for First Second (volume two of this series was being worked on when Jones tragically passed away).

Jones was not only an excellent comic book artist, but he was also an outstanding ambassador for comics, as he and Walker regularly championed the awesomeness of the comic art form.

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