California mom writes second children’s book inspired by son with profound hearing loss; Benefits go to patients with cochlear implants


The latest book focuses on how Mickey can enjoy the great outdoors without the weather ruining his day, thanks to advances in cochlear implant technology.

After discovering that his son Mickey was profoundly deaf in both ears, Wagner made it his mission to help him thrive. This included bilateral cochlear implant surgery when Mickey was 3 years old. Inspired by her son’s hearing journey, Wagner wrote the series to help break the stigma associated with hearing loss.

“Mickey doesn’t let his deafness define him or stop him,” said Wagner, who has donated hundreds of books to elementary schools in his hometown of Saint Helena. “While children with hearing loss may need special technology or accommodations, they are no different from anyone else.”

Wagner donates 100% of sale proceeds of Mickey in motion Agriculture to Joyful Life Cochlear Implant Fund (JLCIF), a non-profit organization that provides financial product support and confidence coaching to cochlear implant recipients.

“Michelle’s generous donation will help ensure that other cochlear implant recipients will continue to hear with their cochlear implant technology,” said Angela Irvinfounder and executive director of JLCIF.

Mickey in motion Agriculture is the recipient of the Family Choice Award, the Literary Titan Award and the Pinnacle Award. The book has received rave reviews from prestigious platforms such as Readers’ Favorite, Literary Titan and Midwest Book Review.

Wagner is a full-time real estate agent and mother who devotes her time and energy to charities and events supporting hearing-impaired children. She prides herself on helping families as they work through different approaches to raising a child with special needs in a typical environment.

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Mickey in motion Agriculture (978-1637552421) is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and wherever books are sold. Find the ebook and accompanying audiobooks on Amazon.

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