Children’s book aims to spark interest in business careers



DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — Joshua Page is an electrician by trade, but his other passion is promoting the importance of trades and raising awareness that college isn’t the only path to success.

Page, author of what does your daddy do, TEDx speaker and career electrician, explains how his children’s book is meant to inspire younger generations to admire trades. The book is aimed at primary school readers and “highlights” the benefits of working as an electrician.

Because most American parents push kids toward college, many students overlook career paths in skilled trades industries such as becoming an electrician, plumber, mechanic, HVAC fitter, and welder.

In the story, Page introduces young readers to Ashton, whose fifth-grade class is having a career week. Turns out Ashton doesn’t know exactly what his dad is doing, so he asks. The child soon discovers his father’s many interesting accomplishments as an electrician as well as the interesting tools he uses. Throughout the week, all students share details about their parents’ careers.

Interesting note that highlights another reason for spreading this message: the average age of electricians and plumbers in the United States is in the 40s, so what happens when these professionals retire?

To learn more about the book, go to It is available for sale at Amazon here.

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