Choice of comics of the week: 12/15/21



Another new week another set of comics hit the shelves of comic book stores and bookstores.

From the young people of Gotham to the wild strangers in space, this week’s comic book releases have something for everyone.

Best comic book releases this week:

Bat girls # 1

Written by Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad, illustration by Jorge Corona, colors by Sarah Stern

It’s been a long time, but eventually, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain are headlining their own series again, for the first time in a decade. They have been a fairly weak presence within the Bat family since James Tynion IV’s run on Police comics, so it’s fantastic to see them finally have time to shine again. It might not (won’t be) the best-selling book that DC is releasing, but it sure will have a loyal fan base, in large part to the way Steph and Cass are written here.

Their characterizations are simply wonderful. They feel incredibly different from each other in the right way that allows them to bounce off each other well. Cass is the calm and serious person, while Steph is the exuberant and gentle person. It’s so much fun to read throughout the issue. Sometimes there’s really a feeling of YA in the book, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as these two characters are meant to be younger (late teens-early 20s), so actually , seeing this on the page is very nice.

Primordial # 4

Written by Jeff Lemire, illustration by Andrea Sorrentino, colors by Dave Stewart

Primordial is such a weird series and that’s honestly what makes it so great. It’s honestly probably the lowest number in the series so far and it’s still an absolute pleasure to read. It’s crazy and out there in all the best ways. Seriously, what other book has a dog and two primates trying to pilot a ship made of what appear to be gems? Nothing else, it’s true. And the end of this issue sets up the last two so incredibly well too.

But who continues to be the star of this series is Andrea Sorrentino. His artistry continues to be absolutely amazing and breathtaking on every page. The amount of detail that animals alone possess is fantastic and the emotion that it is able to bring out is mind-boggling. The way he is able to visually personify animals without taking away any of the characteristics – or adding any human characteristics – is simply wonderful to see.

Batman: The Impostor # 3

Written by Mattson Tomlin, Art by Andrea Sorrentino, Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Batman: The Impostor has been nothing short of amazing throughout its three issues and it continues to the last pages of this issue. It’s a gripping finale that pushes Batman and Bruce Wayne to places rarely seen in the Batman mythos. It’s such a great series that has echoes of everything from Batman: Mask of Fantasy at Batman: The Knight of Arkham, but does her own thing entirely and that’s good for her.

And just like Primordial, the real star of this issue, and of this series, is once again Andrea Sorrentino. The fact that as an artist Sorrentino has two books coming out on the same day is crazy in itself, but to have them both as beautiful as they are? Almost unheard of. There is a double spread in this issue that looks a lot like a mirror and is probably one of the best of the year.

Robin and Batman # 2

Written by Jeff Lemire, Art & Colors by Dustin Nguyen

Much like his frequent collaborator, Andrea Sorrentino, it’s also Jeff Lemire’s second book on this list this week and man, he’s writing a fantastic Robin origin story. There really shouldn’t be any place to go with the Dick Grayson origin stories at this point, because there have been, well, a lot now. However, nothing in this book is unlike any of the other Robin origin stories. It feels like a modern retelling of a Silver Age story, with specific costumes and characters drawn directly from that time period. It’s very different and it works because of it.

Art is also great too. Dustin Nguyen’s painted art is perfect for the tone of this series as it captures the perfect amount of youthful exuberance that Dick has while following the line of the darker world that Batman inhabits.

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