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Candice Carty-Williams returns with another witty and insightful novel about the power of family, even when they seem like strangers. Dimple Pennington knows her half-siblings, but she doesn’t really know them. Five people who have nothing in common except vague memories of driving through Brixton in their father’s golden jeep, and complex abandonment issues. But then, a dramatic event brings his half-siblings Nikisha, Danny, Lizzie, and Prynce back into his life. When they are all forced to reconnect with Cyril Pennington, the absent father they never really knew, things get even more complicated.

I like to read family centered books. They tend to be character-driven, nuanced, and relatable, because we all know how complicated families can be. Some of the greatest books of all time — and stories of every type of entertainment — delve into family dynamics. If you love a little family drama, there are countless books to tickle your fancy. This quiz is designed to help you find your next favorite fascinating family book, while choosing your favorite fictional families from movies, TV, and literature. Take a walk down memory lane and choose some of the families that shaped or intrigued you the most. You’ll be rewarded with a book you’re sure to love.

The possible results of this quiz range from fiction to non-fiction, comedy to tragedy, historical to contemporary. As far as genre goes, we have memoir, literary fiction, fantasy, thriller, and more. All of them are challenging and full of complex family relationships, and one is meant to be your quiz match. Once you’ve taken the quiz, scroll down to see the full list of possible outcomes. If you love reading about families, you might as well add them all to your TBR!

Fictional Families Quiz Results

Book cover of The Family Compound by Liz Parker

The family complex by Liz Parker

After an unexpected death, five cousins ​​are left with 150 acres of land in the mountains of Vermont. The problem? They must agree unanimously to keep the property and pay for its upkeep, or agree unanimously to sell it.

book cover of The Legacy of Orquídea Divina

The legacy of Orquídea Divina by Zoraida Cordova

As the end of Orquídea Divina’s life draws near, she summons her descendants to collect their secret inheritance. Years later, her strange gifts affected her family in unique ways. But when someone tries to destroy Orquídea’s bloodline by eliminating them one by one, the family travels to Ecuador to uncover their matriarch’s secrets before it’s too late.

cover of The Man Who Could Move Clouds: A Memoir by Ingrid Rojas Contreras, with blue, yellow and white rings imposed on images of smiling family and palm trees under a cloudy sky

The man who could move the clouds by Ingrid Rojas Contreras

Ingrid Rojas Contreras’ family believe some of them are touched by magic, an ability to speak to the dead, see the future, heal and move clouds. Part of the family sees what they call “the secret” as a gift, while others see it as a curse.

cover of Memphis by Tara Stringfellow, abstract style illustration of several black women sitting on a porch in front of a yellow door

Memphis by Tara M. Stringfellow

The women of the North family have had more than their share of tragedies – violent men, racism and lynching, to name a few. But they also have incredible gifts. Some can be cured through breastfeeding. August has a singing voice that can blow people away. And Joan’s paintings just might change the world.

Cover of the book Olga dies dreaming

Olga dies dreaming by Xóchitl González

From the outside, wedding planner Olga and her politician brother Prieto are doing well. But the truth is, their family is dysfunctional, and help from their absent, radical mother only makes things worse. As Olga’s various strengths collide, she must consider her own family’s past and present.

book cover of The Night of a Thousand Stars

On a night of a thousand stars by Andrea Yaryura Clark

College student Paloma returns home to Argentina for her diplomat father’s annual summer party. After hearing a strange comment from a party guest and her father’s college friend, she decides to find out more about her father’s past. Paloma’s curiosity shows her a dark side of Argentina’s history, reveals her family’s hidden secrets, and puts her in grave danger.

Cover of Seeing Ghosts by Kat Chow

see ghosts by Kat Chow

From an early age, Kat Chow was obsessed with death, especially the idea that her mother might die. And when she was a teenager, her fear came to fruition when her mother quickly died of cancer. In these memoirs, she grapples with the loss of her mother, how it changed her relationships with her father and sisters, and how death shapes what we know – and can never know – about our loved ones.

Book cover of This is Not a Pity Memoir

This is not a pity memoir by Abi Morgan

Abi Morgan’s life was turned upside down one day when she found her partner Jacob unconscious in their home. She spent six hellish months trying to hold their family together while Jacob was in a coma. When Jacob finally woke up, it seemed like their family had had a second chance – until they realized Jacob didn’t recognize Abi and were convinced she was an impostor.

cover of Why Didn't You Tell Me?

Why didn’t you tell me? by Carmen Rita Wong

Carmen Rita Wong has always felt like an outsider in her community and in her own family. She was born to a Dominican mother and a Chinese father, but was mostly raised by an Italian stepfather in a tumultuous household full of step-siblings. Her understanding of herself and her background changed dramatically when she learned that her mother had several long-held secrets about Carmen’s father.

cover of Woman of Light by Kali Fajardo-Anstine

Woman of Light by Kali Fajardo-Anstine

In 1930s Denver, Luz is upset when her older brother is chased away by a white mob. She survives on her earnings as a laundress and tea leaf reader, but finds new purpose when she begins to have visions of her ancestors in nearby lost native territory. As Luz gathers her visions, she realizes that she is the only person capable of preserving her family’s history.

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