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A new survey was conducted which ranked the classic children’s books, and one of them came out as the favorite. Reading is one of the favorite activities for mothers with their children, and it may be because she remembers her mother reading to her when she was little. She remembers the stories, and she even brings back some of her favorites to share with her children.

If we all stopped and thought about it, we would also be able to give our favorites. There are books that are timeless, and they seem to stand the test of time, and they’re always fun.

According Study findings, a survey was carried out which ranked the best classic children’s book, and the favorite may not be so unusual. The survey was carried out on 2,000 American adults, and it was supplemented by OnePolland ordered by savings books.

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More than half (54%) of adults said reading their favorite books as children ‘transported’ them back to childhoodand this included adults over the age of 77.

First place goes to Stan Berenstain, The bears of Berenstain books, 31% of people said it was their favorite when they were kids. These books continue to be popular and can be seen on home shelves around the world.

Some other popular choices were The giving tree, the story of Peter Rabbit and good night moon. However, the survey also looked at the chapter books and they found that there were favorites as well.

The the first three were Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Little House on the Prairie and Charlie and the chocolate factory.

These classics never get old, and we’re glad they don’t, because now we can share them with our kids, and it can be a great way for parents and kids to bond.

The investigation also revealed that most people can still recite lines from their favorite children’s books, and they aren’t afraid to pick them up as adults and read them.

When asked what childhood stories that an adult picked up and re-read, the most popular were Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter, The Cat in the Hat and Charlotte’s web.

They also found that the characters stay with us tooand not just the stories. The most memorable literary characters were Encyclopedia Brown, Peter Pan, Nancy Drew and Pippi Longstockings. It might be time to hit the bookstore and pick up some of these classics.

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