CNN denounces libertarian children’s books, causing sales to increase


Last week, CNN published a notice room arguing that “the right-wing children’s entertainment complex is upon us.” The most notable examples were the Tuttle Twins children’s books, created by Connor Boyack to offset the progressive propaganda that many children now face in classrooms across the country.

The books, which have sold more than 3.5 million copies, weave libertarian themes of individual freedom, limited government, free markets and entrepreneurship, and frequently highlight the work of greats. thinkers such as Frederic Bastiat, FA Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, and FEE founder Leonard Read.

“The goal is to insulate children from conservatives in the larger culture, to protect them from supposed liberal indoctrination by getting a head start on conservative indoctrination,” wrote Nicole Hemmer, a researcher at the Columbia University with the Obama Presidency Oral History Project, in its article on CNN.

Boyack laughed while reading this. “I find it amusing that those in the left-dominated media are wringing their hands about a few of us doing what we’ve been doing for a long time,” he told me this week. “The progressive mob has long been infiltrating and exploiting pop culture, the school system and entertainment venues – and suddenly they’re outraged when we provide a counter-message to their myopic, wide-awake worldview? These are clearly crocodile tears – fake outrage for something the ‘left’ has been planning for a long time.”

But Boyack welcomes more criticism from left-leaning media sites as it boosts its sales. Parents, it turns out, are crying out for learning materials that offer different viewpoints and perspectives than what their children receive in their schools and in the culture at large.

When the progressive magazine, Ongoing casesposted a similar article criticism of Tuttle Twins in the fall of 2020, Boyack sales skyrocketed. He sold over 12,000 books from that one piece, using a special promo code to track sales.

On Monday, Boyack said the CNN article was directly responsible for selling more than 23,000 books in just a few days, nearly doubling the amount of sales generated by the Ongoing cases article.

“These efforts to critique our work only encourage viewers and curious viewers to take action, buy the books, and see for themselves what it’s all about,” Boyack told me. “Our detractors are the greatest sales force I have ever found. If anyone else wants to attack our work and criticize Tuttle Twins books, I would really appreciate it.

The indoctrination of young people into a left-wing political worldview has become increasingly noticeable, especially as curricula and corporations have become overtly political in recent years. But this is not a new phenomenon. “This is a multi-faceted problem that has been brewing and worsening for decades,” Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder told me in our recent Released podcast conversation. She is the author of the book, Dedoctrinate: How politicized classrooms are harming children and ruining our schools – and what we can do about it.

Kerrigan Snyder argues that students must increasingly self-censor and be silent in their K-12 and college classrooms if they disagree with the dominant progressive cultural narrative. She adds that teacher training programs are also biased, often linking a student teacher’s academic achievement to left-wing political activism.

books like the Tuttle Twins, along with Boyack’s entire suite of learning materials for young people of all ages, provide a cultural counterweight. They help children and adolescents to discover different perspectives and a different societal vision.

“Parents need to recognize that we are in an ideological war and our children’s minds are at ground zero for today’s battle,” Boyack told me. “And if the parents don’t recognize that this war is going on, they’re going to lose by default.”

He continued:

“Once we’re in the fight, it’s not enough to just play defense – to filter the content our kids watch, keep them safe from crazies, put parental blocks on their devices and hope the We have to go on the offensive. We have to be intentional about exposing our children to sound ideas, real facts and a worldview based on reality and principle. That’s how we win. This is why the Tuttle Twins books and cartoon series exist – to help parents give their children a basic understanding of the ideas of a free society.

As more and more parents realize the ideas their children are continually exposed to and how often contrary to the principles of a free society, they are eager to consume content that offers an alternative perspective. Outlets such as CNN may be opposed to such content, but their opposition is good for business.

“Thank you, CNN! Boyak said.

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