Comic Book Flop Too Ahead Of Its Time Gets Reassessment


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When you think of the comic book adaptations that came in the immediate wake of Bryan Singer x-menclearly identified as the film that started the current boom that is still going on more than 20 years later, co-writer and director Terry Zwigoff ghost world probably doesn’t come to mind.

That’s to be expected given that it has absolutely nothing to do with costumed crime fighters or global catastrophes that need to be averted, but it’s debatable that the acclaimed indie dramedy never got its due in ‘era. Even though ghost world managed to recoup its budget and then some at the box office, a sub-$9 million haul on a $7 million budget is far from a massive comeback.

Redditors were happy to reevaluate the moving story of Enid by Thora Birch and Rebecca by Scarlett Johansson, however, with a recent post revolving around a 20th anniversary celebration post attracting over 200 comments as fans pile up to reveal how much they care for ghost world.

ghost world
by United Artists

Few page-to-screen translations in history have taken such a grounded, realistic, and ultimately mundane (but in a good way) approach to the ins and outs of everyday high school life. An understated favorite that eventually blossomed into a cult classic, based on contemporary and modern critics to have hailed ghost world since he first landed in the summer of 2001, you could make a very strong argument that any definitive ranking of the greatest comic book movies isn’t complete without him.

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