Comic Book Stars and Fans Unite to Celebrate James Gunn’s Birthday


James Gunn has been an integral part of the MCU and DCEU for the past few years, and fans, colleagues, and more celebrated his 56th birthday.

James Gunn celebrated his birthday on August 5, and many Marvel and DC fans wanted to wish the director many happy returns. While Gunn will likely have celebrated his 56th birthday in style, the writer-director has never been busier than he is right now as he finalizes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 and the Guardians Holiday Special and is preparing to get to work on a second season of Peacemaker and his other secret DC project. Alongside his brother Sean and his fiancée Jennifer Holland, many of his friends and colleagues joined in the show of love on social media to celebrate the occasion.


As for fiancée Holland, she decided to share a number of videos of Gunn dancing “out of context”, while adding a long comment that read, “I have to write a bunch of speeches for our wedding soon, because we are getting married! So anyway, I started writing something for your birthday today and I realized, “oh shit, that might be good for the wedding”…and then I quit, and then I had to pee and lost my train of thought. So, just a quick feeling – You are all that is good in the world. In honor of the joy you bring to the world and to my life, here’s a bunch of videos of you dancing, totally out of context. Happy Birthday @jamesgunn!! I love you.”

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James Gunn will complete his Marvel contribution with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

James Gunn found himself on the wrong side of Disney just a few years ago when he was ousted from the guardians of the galaxy threequel due to a series of old Twitter posts. However, it ended up making Gunn one of the most sought-after directors in the business, and in addition to developing and directing The Suicide Squad and derivative show Peacemaker for Warner Bros., his was also rehired by Disney to complete his guardians of the galaxy trilogy.

The director called the latest Guardians movie the most emotional of the three films, which is understandable. Back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he previously said:

“It was really comfortable, actually…I know the actors really well, so I know what they have to do. They’ve gotten better at their job so I don’t have to bump into them so much. In a Many ways, it was really easy – it’s really natural for me. I understand that. But I also really push myself and try to create something that’s completely different from what came before it, but also honors what who preceded him.

While this may be the end of the road for Gunn’s contribution to Marvel, it’s by no means his last comic-book-oriented project. As well as a second season of Peacemaker, and having a role in Amanda Waller’s upcoming spin-off, Gunn is believed to be considering other projects in the DC Universe, which means fans have a lot more directorial vision to look forward to. In the meantime, we join his fans, family and friends in wishing him a happy birthday. Here are some of the many birthday wishes shared on social media.

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