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Neil Gaiman wrote a lot. Novels, News, Movies, TV Shows, Commentaries, Comics.

The comics gave Gaiman his debut. His “Sandman” for DC Comics remains both legendary and topical 30 years later. Note the popularity of the ongoing Audible series and reports of a developing TV adaptation of “Sandman” on Netflix.

And while he’s broadened the way he tells stories, Gaiman never left comics entirely.

Dark Horse Comics recently celebrated Gaiman’s contributions to his comic book society by bringing them together in three volumes of “The Neil Gaiman Library”.

The “Library” has some pretty heady stuff. Some of Gaiman’s Dark Horse works involve adaptations of his already written short stories, others are works originally created for the comics.

“Volume I” contains four stories as well as pages of creative notes, artist drawings, and more. Enough material to fill over 300 pages.

The stories are:

– “A Study in Emerald”, a mysterious tale combining the Victorian world of Sherlock Holmes as biased by HP Lovecraft’s Cthulu.

– “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” where something as common as a well-told coming-of-age tale is nicely mixed with something from another world.

– “Murder Mysteries” is about a man meeting a fallen angel who trades a story from a time before the world in exchange for a cigarette … and maybe something more.

– “Forbidden Brides” turns the vanity of what we consider normal and fantastic, the mundane and the horrible, upside down. Imagine what Edgar Allan Poe would write if he lived in a world that looked like something created by, well, Poe.

The volume contains superb illustrations by artists such as P. Craig Russell, Rafael Albuquerque, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Rafael Scavone, Shane Oakley.

“Volume I” is a treasure for regular Gaiman readers and could prove to be a wonderful find for someone who has just been introduced to Gaiman. And if readers like what they find here, there are two more volumes of “The Neil Gaiman Library” to find and read.

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