Controversial Comic Book Blockbuster Rocks Streaming With Heavy Artillery



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Next year will mark Zack Snyder’s 10th birthday Steel manwho inexplicably managed to launch a multi-billion dollar comic book franchise that’s still going strong today without even having a sequel.

It still stings for a lot of fans, and it’s remarkable that the Superman reboot continues to be one of the most talked about comic book adaptations of the past decade despite its unique status, with Henry Cavill returning. headlines once again after returning to the world of capes and costumes in the post-credits scene of black adam.

Even the most dedicated SnyderVerse supporters would surely admit that man of steel 2 come before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would have been the smarter game, with Cavill sidelined in favor of Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight, which technically marked the beginning of the end for the initial mythology given that Justice League came next.

The revival of the Big Blue Boy Scout, however, remains held in high esteem by its supporters, and the black adam The effect may well be responsible for Snyder’s DC fun taking off on streaming again. According to FlixPatrol, Steel man climbed the iTunes most-watched list in several countries, with many longtime advocates taking the time to learn about Cavill’s early life ahead of his long-awaited return.

Everyone has an opinion on Steel man whether it’s the positive or the negative, but the film’s longevity in the public eye simply can’t be denied, no matter which side of the fence you decide to stand on.

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