Cool bookstores and book cafes in Metro Vancouver


New and used, neat and messy, these nooks are a book lover’s paradise.

Bookworms in Vancouver?

Whether it’s romance, fantasy, non-fiction, or a self-help book, sometimes you need a day to get lost in a good book. Better yet, find your next read while exploring the city’s most scenic reading spaces (and beyond, if you’re up for a little getaway).

Library and Café Wendel

What could be better than finding the perfect reading in a huge bookstore? Realizing that you are also in a cafe. A hot drink, maybe even a tasty bite, as getting lost between the pages looks like a good time.

Address: 9233 Glover Road, Langley

Bean Around Books Coffee

There is a certain kind of comfort that one can only find when reading a good book immersed in the cozy but lively atmosphere of a cafe. This café-bookstore is also a non-profit organization that helps young people gain work experience as baristas while giving second-hand books a second life.

Address: 22626 Lougheed Road, Maple Ridge

Upstart and Crow

This “literary salon” brings together bookstores, literary launches and workshops in one. It’s a bookworm’s paradise here in Vancouver. It’s also so tall that there’s a ladder to reach some of the upper shelves.

Address: 1387 Railspur Lane, Vancouver

MacLeod’s books

This self-proclaimed antiquarian bookstore is full of original literary gems and captivating reads. It’s far from neat (there are many stacks of books to sift through), but that’s the beauty of it. Be ready to dig for that perfect book.

Address: 455 W Pender St, Vancouver

The paper dog

Books of all ages, genres, and rarities are stored in this neat brick-and-mortar bookstore. It’s not hard to find a good read among the shelves and vintage art of pulp fiction.

Address: 344 W Pender St, Vancouver

Canterbury Tales Bookstore

Literally piled floor to ceiling with used books, browsing the crowded shelves makes for a great activity on a rainy day. Not to mention the mystical old atmosphere of the little shop which is worth visiting.

Address: 2010 commercial promenade, Vancouver

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