Creators of New Comic Book Company Hope to Leave ‘Legacy’



Two Bensonhurst natives recently started their own comic book business with the help of friends, fans and businesses.

Author Patrick Hickey Jr. and artist and writer John Svedese founded Legacy Comix with the intention of giving writers and artists control over their own work.

The company, which delves into black superhero and sci-fi tales, debuted with four titles.

Hickey, the editor, first wrote one of these titles – “Condrey” – 20 years ago and made it a reality this year with the help of artist Kieran X. Quinn. It was picked up by the publisher of Virginia Lesser Known Comics, but after four issues, Hickey wanted more creative freedom.

He met Svedese and they decided to start their own business through Kickstarter. They were funded in less than five hours.

Quinn and Brooklyn-based writer Afrim Gjonbalaj round out Legacy’s roster.

Hickey, who is also an English teacher and assistant director of Kingsborough Community College’s journalism program, is grateful to everyone who has donated, including stores like Bulletproof Comics in Flatbush.

“It introduced us to new readers,” he said. “This type of dual support has been instrumental in our success so far.”

The Legacy books are influenced by comics from the 80s and 90s and by creators such as Todd McFarlane and Frank Miller.

“The stories are organic and the art is polished,” Hickey said. “It’s our hope to be the vessel that brings a lot of people back to comics.”

Creative Director Svedese wants Legacy to be known as an independent publisher who cares about creators and fans.

“We don’t want to forget our roots,” Svedese said. “Where we come from is just as important as where we go.

“I don’t just use art to publish something. I’ll make sure the art is up to the greats in the industry, while giving independent creatives a chance to express themselves.

Hickey says his goal is to “connect our readers with believable characters they love and make everyone feel that the comics are more than flying heroes in their underwear.”

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