Dad’s wish comes true with first children’s book ‘Mindy’s Journey’

Wolverhampton children’s author James Davison with his book ‘Mindy’s Journey’

Electronic game designer James Davison has Tourette syndrome and non-epileptic seizures, and wrote Mindy’s Journey based on a bedtime story he recited to his oldest child.

With eye-catching illustrations by Darren Gate, the story is about a little girl Mindy who receives bad news and sinks into depression. After wishing for things to change, she befriends a star and they work together to find their way out of a dark cave.

The 31-year-old explains: “I have Tourette’s disease and other mental health issues and having been on the receiving end of support, I wanted to be the person who provides it to others.

“Mental health is something close to my heart and I wanted to do something about it and inspire children and adults, whether teachers or other adults, to be encouraged because it is not always easy to do it.

“I have four young children and this is a story I used to recite to my eldest.”

The father-of-four is married to wife Kimberly, 29, and shares their home, in Holloway Street, Stow Heath, Wolverhampton, with children Lilly-Rose, eight, Gwendolen, four, Dorothea, two, and Aeris , five years. month.

Mr Davison, a graduate in computer game design and digital and visual communications from the University of Wolverhampton, combined his skills and story idea to produce the book after initially starting a hardware-based video game business dealing with social issues.

Upon graduation, he began working with the Seed Enterprise Team and then the School of Social Entrepreneurs program at Lloyd Bank. He also received mental health and funding support from the Prince’s Trust, which gave him a grant of £500 to cover the costs of producing the book.

Born in Luton, he grew up in Tipton and attended the old Coseley High School and Walsall College where he studied art and design.

He said he still intended to adapt his late scripts into games and movies, but the focus is now on using storytelling to address mental health issues.

Mindy’s Journey has also been submitted for review at Wolverhampton Central Library. Copies cost £7.99 and are available from the family or online via the website

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