Dan Jurgens and Benito Gallego Launch Tarzan Lord Of The Jungle Comic Book



Dan Jürgens and Benito Gallego will be launching a new Tarzan comic from Dynamite, only they can’t call it that because of trademark issues, so lord of the jungle #1 is, for November. Nick Barucci of Dynamite recalls “when Top Cow was first launching Tomb Raider, they talked to a lot of writers, and talking with Matt Hawkin I had suggested Dan. Matt had a chat with Dan, hired him, and then it was the #1 book of the year! I spoke with Dan for years about working together, but he was mostly exclusive to DC and couldn’t make it. When his latest exclusive ended, Marvel reached out and he did a lot with Dan, from covers to interiors, and his plate was full. After talking for a year, he was finally able to fit this into his schedule, and luckily, this is our final big announcement for SDCC! And the fact that we’re launching in time for Tarzan’s 110th birthday, and coinciding with the 30th anniversary of Superman’s death, the stars aligned!”

The mighty lord of the jungle returns to roar! Dynamite invites fans to swing through the vines and beat their chests in anticipation of a visceral new series featuring the one and only Tarzan, written by industry superstar Dan Jurgens!

Created by Edgar Rice Burroughs and featured in the October 1912 issue of The All-Story Magazine, Tarzan quickly became a cultural icon! Jurgens is coming to help commemorate the 110th anniversary of this iconic character! But that’s not the only anniversary this first issue will commemorate.

Dan Jurgens and Benito Gallego Launch Tarzan Lord Of The Jungle Comic Book

November’s first title aligns almost perfectly with the grand 30th anniversary of Superman’s death, one of the crowning glory of writer Dan Jurgens and the industry at large. Since then, he’s tackled many iconic characters from the medium and larger genre of superheroes, pulp heroes, and adventurers. His bibliography stacked beyond his prolific Superman contributions includes Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Nightwing, Tomb Raider and of course his own creation Booster Gold. Now is the time to add another legend to this list: the Lord of the Jungle!

“There are a handful of fictional characters who are instantly recognizable across a wide range of countries, for people of all ages. Tarzan is one of those characters, and it’s an honor to write his final stories,” said writer Dan Jurgens. “The creator of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs created one of the greatest of all time and gave those of us who came later a deep and rich legacy to work from. We look forward to exploring Tarzan’s hidden past that could put him in something new light. We hope you’ll join us for the ride and have as much fun as we did.”

Dan Jurgens and Benito Gallego Launch Tarzan Lord Of The Jungle Comic Book

Alongside artist Benito Gallego, Jurgens will restore Tarzan to longtime fans and show how badass and entertaining he is to new readers. Throughout the series, the prototypical jungle action hero’s entire life will be traced, from birth to adulthood. A sub-narrative of the framing device weaves in between the main story, as an older Tarzan reflects on his life and the changing world around him, reflecting contemporary concerns that endure to this day.

Learn about Tarzan’s heritage, from his aristocratic origins and eventual flirtations with that lifestyle, to his ape-raised beginnings and fearsome rivalries with man and beast. What will become of this man in his wild world?

Dan Jurgens and Benito Gallego Launch Tarzan Lord Of The Jungle Comic Book

Dan Jurgens invites readers to encounter the legend for the first time or as they’ve never seen him before. As he follows in the footsteps of comics luminaries Hal Foster, Burne Hogarth, Gaylord Du Bois, Jesse Marsh, Russ Manning, Gray Morrow, Joe Kubert, John Buscema and many more. The series features an all-star cast made up of Jurgens’ friends and fellow cover artists, including Gary Frank, Lee Weeks, Dan Panosian and Josh Burns.

Dan Jurgens and Benito Gallego Launch Tarzan Lord Of The Jungle Comic Book

“I’ve known Dan for 30 years and worked with him on many levels. I’ve wanted to work with him at Dynamite as a writer for years, but he’s had a full workload, and the year Last he worked taking time off for The Lord of the Jungle, and we’re thrilled to have him on board!” said Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite. “Although Dan is best known for his work on Superman, Captain America, Booster Gold and others, he’s tackled many more characters over the course of his illustrious career. When Dan pitched Tomb Raider for Top Cow, it was the #1 book of the year – let me repeat that, Tomb Raider #1 was the best title of the year, and Dan was a driving force.His storytelling ability is one of the most industry strengths, and working with other artists, Dan has brought out the best in those artists he has worked with, from his big run on Thor with John Romita Jr., Andy Kubert, Stuart Immonen, to not To cite just one example. Dan brings his A-game, as he knows no other game to bring, and will be bringing the best of Benito Gallego’s art to the page. And let’s talk about Benito for a second, an artist fantastic movie that’s influenced by John Buscema, we couldn’t have picked a better artist for the series! u are covers of Gary Frank, Lee Weeks, Dan Panosian and Josh Burns!”

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