Dave Filoni tells how Ahsoka met Luke Skywalker


Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett confirmed that Luke Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano have a history together, although the details of their relationship have yet to be released, with producer Dave Filoni recently hinting that he has plans for how this reunion will go. Of course, anyone familiar with Filoni knows he can be quite cryptic about plot details for future projects, so although he recently confirmed he has a plan in mind for how Luke and Ahsoka first met, he avoided confirming when, or even if, he will get to deliver this encounter to the public.

“I have a whole story about it, which I made up many years ago, actually, because I put this tile in place to do what I’m doing now and figure it out,” recently shared Filoni with ScreenRant. “I haven’t figured out how to tell this story yet. I told a bit of it afterwards, you’ll see. You’ll love it, it’s a great story.”

Fans will obviously learn a lot about the character in the upcoming live action. Star Wars: Ahsokabut with this series set in the time of The Mandalorian and when audiences found out she already had a connection to Luke, it seems unlikely we’ll see that introduction in the next series. While a flashback would surely be possible, Filoni’s remarks about not having found a way to describe this story yet make such a sequence seem unlikely to come out anytime soon.

Of all the characters Star Wars fans have encountered over the years, Ahsoka has one of the most interesting trajectories, largely in the passion of an audience she’s won, but in the number of mysteries who surrounded him.

Ahsoka was introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as Anakin’s padawan, but when this series came to an unexpected end, his journey had a disappointing ending with no real resolution. Fortunately, the first season of star wars rebels brought back Ahsoka, allowing her to appear throughout this series and providing a more cathartic journey for fans. Adding even more excitement to the character was her return for an official final season of The Clone Wars on Disney+.

Fans who were completely unfamiliar with the animated character had the chance to meet her in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, where Rosario Dawson debuted her portrayal of the character. Dawson will also star as the Jedi in Star Wars: Ahsokawhich is currently in production.

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