Dawson Springs teen writes children’s book about December 2021 tornado


DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WFIE) — As Dawson Springs residents gathered for “Dancing in the Streets” on Friday, Emma Argo was selling a children’s book.

At just 16 years old, this is his second book. She said it had a lot to do with her community.

Like many people in Dawson Springs, she experienced the December 10 tornado.

“It was very difficult to overcome,” she said. “My heart drops every time I think about it.”

She said that in the months that followed, she couldn’t help but think of the children who went through this traumatic event.

“I hope they realize that [they’re] not alone here,” Argo said.

To help children feel this, she wrote Bruce’s Home Run.

It’s the story of a “munster” named Bruce, who has to hide down there while a tornado hits his town.

“The wind was like a train,” Argo said as he read the book. “It was raining very hard. But he showed courage for his pup, Puddles.

Bruce is not just any character.

It is named after Jenny Bruce, who lost her life in the storm.

“[Jenny Bruce] was the friendliest person you ever met,” Argo said. “You would just walk up to her and she would hug you and ask how your week was. I was very close to her.”

Each character in the book is named after a victim.

As the story continues, the storm subsides and Bruce sees the state of his town.

A friend who lost his home tells Bruce what he’s been through, Bruce realizes there’s an opportunity ahead of him.

Bruce gives his friend his precious baseball.

Dawson Springs has seen time and again how much the community cares.

From food drives to rebuilding homes, Argo hopes that through Bruce, children can learn what it means to be a community.

“[I hope they think] I have to get up and go out,” she said. “I have to help them. I have to help them feel that they are part of something and that they are not alone.

Argo said that for now they are only selling the book here and there, but over time they will consider publishing it.

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