DC Comics Fans Have Ideas About Which Movie James Gunn Should Direct



A new report on the status of DC film adaptations from Warner Bros. Discovery suggests that guardians of the galaxy and The Suicide Squad director James Gunn could present a new feature film to accompany Peacemaker and its other planned DC TV offerings. Nothing is really known about the project yet, other than the fact that it’s a “mystery” and a feature film, rather than another TV show. Given how much TV Gunn has said he does, it seems entirely possible he was asked to pitch a movie or saw the writing on the HBO Max wall under the new owner of WB…but that’s just a guess. He could have come up with a good idea for a movie.

The filmmaker also has at least one other The Suicide Squad Planned TV show, so it seems plausible that the planned feature could also be out of this world… but when he entered the team, Gunn was reportedly offered a chance to choose his own project, and so there is still lucky that he had other ideas outside of the Suicide Squad that he can use in the future.

Given reports that the new management wants to focus on traditional heroes and the Justice League, it’s certainly possible that he’s working on a plot for something with a huge and obvious upside, although it seems less likely that some on Twitter might think he’s going to dip trying to make Henry Cavill’s supposed Superman movie. After all, he didn’t go for Superman the first time around.

What would you like to see Gunn do for DC next? Sound off below and check out some of the most popular choices here:

Also, Secret Six.

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Pretty popular tbh from Plastic Man

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I mean yes. It would be funny.

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Harley and ivy


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