DC just revived a VERY obscure character after decades away


DC’s Infinite Frontier initiative zigzagged and zagged in interesting ways, telling a story that wasn’t afraid to delve into the more specific echelons of DC canon. This was especially the case for “omniverse”-centric stories, which used multiversal storytelling to weave surprising characters in and out of events. This week Flash point beyond #0 took that mindset to new heights, with a story that not only changed the way fans might have watched the original Breaking point event, but reintroduced a long-dormant character into DC lore. Spoiler for Flash point beyond #0 from Geoff Johns, Eduardo Risso, Trish Mulvihill and Rob Leigh below! Watch only if you want to know!

The vast majority of the issue follows Thomas Wayne/Batman as he realizes his Earth remains unchanged, despite helping Earth-1’s Barry Allen reverse his time travel shenanigans during the events of Flashpoint. Thomas becomes disillusioned and desperate about this fact, especially since it means his son, Bruce Wayne, is still dead. After a series of last-ditch attempts by Thomas to change things up and make sense of the “divine continuum” that makes up time and space, the issue features two epilogues – the second of which shows Bruce Wayne looking at the same things as Thomas. Bruce can be seen talking to a character who warns that his and Thomas’ efforts could threaten “all of space and time”. On the last page of the issue, we see who the character is – Corky Baxter, who sits atop the Batmobile and warns that Rip Hunter and the Time Masters will have to deal with the mess Bruce is about to make.

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Originally created by Jack Miller and Ruben Moreira in 1959 Showcase #20, Corky is a young boy who is the younger brother of Time Masters member Bonnie Baxter. Corky has often caused trouble for Rip and the other Time Masters, including an instance where he returned to the Prehistoric Era alone and was nearly killed by dinosaurs. This incident made it harder for Corky to time travel with the team, and he eventually committed suicide because of it. In the years since, his appearances in any DC Comics have been essentially nonexistent, aside from a few brief out-of-continuity appearances in the 2000s. Superman and Batman: the funniest in the worldand a 2017 issue of Scooby-Doo! Team up.

With that in mind, the idea of ​​Corky being brought back into DC lore – with Bonnie, Rip, and the rest of the Time Masters seemingly following suit – is really interesting. Overall, the original Time Masters roster worked within the pre-Breaking point stories, with Rip Hunter later forming a superhero-filled version of the team following the events of Final Crisis. While Rip himself has dipped in and out of DC continuity (and DC TV) in recent years, the idea that he might reunite with his original group and they might have powerful enough offshoots to stopping whatever Thomas and Bruce are doing at the “Divine Continuum,” is certainly interesting.

What do you think of Corky Baxter’s return to the pages of Flash point beyond #0? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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