DC’s Black Adam Strategy Shows Comics Can Benefit Movies


with the next black adam movie, DC Comics took full advantage of the comic book hype and growth opportunities. A slew of projects featuring the villain-turned-anti-hero have been created or will soon drop, just in time with the 2022 blockbuster that is sure to be a hit with fans.

Ever since the MCU began, fans, creators, and former Marvel and DC employees have wondered how to make the most of the hype and billion-dollar success of the cinematic universes. As many fans have been frustrated that the movies don’t give their comic book source material more credit, DC’s Black Adam strategy seems to be the best seen yet. This paves the way for the future success of movie-inspired comics.

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After the movie was announced, with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson introduced as the new face of the DCEU, DC Comics decided to focus more and more on the enemy and former champion of Shazam. Not only did Brian Michael Bendis add him to his Justice League set, along with the use of Black Adam in the Endless Winter 2020 mini-event, but as the movie got closer, fans were treated to a series of prequel comics. . There’s been a limited series of Christopher Priest, Black Adam’s importance in the event Dark Crisis, as well as a series of trade paperbacks that should drop around the movie’s release.

The only character with as much focus as Black Adam in the comics right now is Batman. While A-list heroes are never short of comic book projects for fans to choose from, it’s rare for characters that are relatively obscure to mainstream fans to have a wealth of stories available to fans of their films. black adam drops, fans will no doubt be clamoring for comics featuring the antihero. Thanks to DC Comics, they’ll have no shortage of stories to pick up in stores. In addition to ongoing projects, fans will be able to grab new editions of stories such as black reign, dark periodGeoff John’s Shazam, and Black Adam: Rise and Fall of an Empire.

It’s hard to remember the last time fans saw a hero soar to A-List status so quickly. However, this decision shows a smart strategy, not only for the comic divisions to strengthen the presence of their characters, but also to simultaneously capitalize on their stories. DC was smart to avoid reshaping its entire universe to fit the movies, and made sure to hold the interest of moviegoers and the more niche comic book reader/collector community.

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With the Big Two’s upcoming onscreen use of Adam Warlock, the JSA, and Kang the Conqueror, publishers would be well advised to follow the Black Adam strategy, to bolster the comics using cinematic hype. After all, it’s those stories that make movies great, and the success of the movies is a testament to the talent that built those editors.

As the MCU and DCEU seek to move away from their core heroes and villains, each new project presents comic book publishers with an opportunity for growth, and DC has masterfully shown how to balance their core comic book universe with movies without alienating any type of fan. . With a slew of superhero movies looming on the horizon, publishers finally have a template to benefit from cinematic success. If the movie is the massive hit people expect, DC Comics will have set the stage for comic book success in a cinematic world.

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