Did Batman Fans Murder DC’s Worst Robin Or Was Jason Todd’s Death Faked?



In the latest Comic Book Legends Revealed, find out if DC Comics actually rigged the vote to make sure Robin, Jason Todd, is deceased.

In the latest Comic Book Legends Revealed, find out if DC Comics actually rigged the vote to make sure Robin, Jason Todd, is deceased.

Welcome to Comic Book Legends Revealed! This is the eight hundred and twenty-second installment where we take a look at three comic book legends and determine if they are right or wrong. As usual, there will be three posts, one for each of the three captions.

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DC Comics rigged the fan vote to ensure Jason Todd would be killed.



DC Comics made history in the years 1988 Batman # 427 (by Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo and Mike DeCarlo). In the issue, Jason Todd is betrayed by his own mother to the Joker, who savagely beats the young hero with a crowbar …

The villain then locks Jason and his mother (who was the last person to learn that you really shouldn’t trust a psychopath to just turn on you) in a warehouse with a bomb, but Jason summons his full force afterward. beat him to free his mother and she, grieved at his betrayal, decides to help Jason escape, so …

They can’t do it …

Batman arrives and is naturally quite panicked …

At the end of the issue, there was an ad for a pair of 1-900 numbers where people could vote on whether Jason survived the blast or not …

Funny enough, they weren’t allowed to specifically use the word “call this number for her death”, notice how they used a roundabout way of saying death.

Either way, in the next issue, Batman found out that Jason had failed …

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A little over six years ago, I did a Legends Revealed Comic Book about a (false) legend that DC planned to ignore the vote results and kill Robin regardless of the poll results. However, the legends surrounding Jason Todd’s death are among the most enduring legends and I am now seeing rumors that, even if so, there were more votes for Jason Todd to die than votes for Jason Tod to live, this was precisely because DC staff members monitored the votes and made sure to vote enough times to make sure Robin died. In other words, the claim is that DC specifically rigged the vote (which I think is a separate caption from the previous one about how DC simply planned to ignore the results if they weren’t. not the ones DC wanted).

I’d seen Mark Waid, who was an editor at DC at the time, talk about it before, but I couldn’t for a lifetime know O I saw him talk about it, so I dropped him a line. and I just asked him if he could just tell me why the story was fake and that he gracefully complied with it.

Here’s Mark on why the rumors that DC rigged the vote aren’t true …

Not only was I a staff member at the time of the stunt, but I spent most of my time that afternoon and evening in the office of Batman Deputy Editor-in-Chief Dan Raspler as he watched over up close the results. Dan more than anyone was genuinely mesmerized by the recording of it all and stunned that the results were, in his words, “statistically a tie.” I can tell you firsthand, boots on the pitch – and I have absolutely no reason to lie about it – that DC has done nothing to tamper with the data or fake the results. If anything, on the whole, society actually had enough faith in the goodness of human nature to assume that most readers would vote for life over death.

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The late Denny O’Neil echoed the same story to Joe Grunenwald at The Beat in 2018, “My assistant, Dan Raspler, was checking the voting progress every 90 minutes, starting Thursday morning September 15th. code and a computer voice were reciting the most recent count. Either Dan or I continued to check throughout the day on Thursday and then again on Friday September 16th. For most of the votes it was very tight.17 Dick Giordano and I had different opinions on [it]. He thought they wouldn’t kill the kid. I thought the readers would just do it to see if we really would go through with it. My wife, Marifran, came to the office at 6 p.m. to keep Dan and me company. At 8:30 p.m., after even Dan had left, I got the final tally: 5,271 for Robin, but 5,343 against. I was disappointed but not really surprised. I had originally planned to throw a party this Friday night. But, when it became clear that we had such a big deal here – that people were genuinely interested in Robin’s fate – we decided that revealing the outcome before shipping the book would lessen the dramatic impact. We have become like the CIA. It was all on the basis of “need to know”.

So yes I’m going with it was not rigged by DC.

Many thanks to Mark Waid for the information (and thanks also to Joe Grunenwald and the late Denny O’Neil for their information side).


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