‘Doctor Moreau’ by Moreno-Garcia, oral history of ‘John Wick’: 5 new books


Looking for something good to read? USA TODAY Barbara VanDenburgh scour the shelves for this week’s hottest new book releases. All books go on sale Tuesday.

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To see what everyone is reading, check out the USA TODAY List of best-selling books for this week’s best sellers.

“Doctor Moreau’s Daughter”

By Silvia Moreno Garcia (Del Rey, fiction)

What is it about : The “Mexican Gothic” The author reimagines “The Island of Doctor Moreau” in 19th-century Mexico, where the daughter of the infamous human-animal experiments researcher and the island overseer find their world turned upside down by the arrival of an unwanted stranger. .

The buzz:Kirkus Reviews calls it “a fun literary remix”.

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“Dirtbag, Massachusetts: A Confessional”

By Isaac Fitzgerald (Bloomsbury, documentary)

What is it about : Fitzgerald’s searing coming-of-age memoir chronicles his impoverished New England childhood and his loss of alcohol, drugs and porn before forging his path to personal salvation.

The buzz: A opinion followed of Publishers Weekly calls it “a wonderful coming-of-age story that’s as sly and raunchy as it is heartfelt”.

“They shouldn’t have killed his dog”

By Edward Gross and Mark A. Altman (St. Martin’s Press, documentary)

What is it about : This oral history of “John Wick” The film franchise dives deep behind the scenes of modern gun-fu action classics, through exclusive interviews with the cast, writers, directors, stunt performers and fight choreographers.

The buzz:Kirkus Reviews calls it “a close-up look at an explosive streak of the people involved in creation”.

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“The Labor Woman”

By Alison B. Hart (Graydon House, fiction)

What is it about : Three women linked to billionaire movie mogul Ted Stabler collide on Hollywood’s night of the year in a smartly observed novel about sexual abuse, complicity and ambition in the entertainment industry.

The buzz: A opinion followed of Kirkus Reviews calls it “a ruthless dismantling of misogyny and entitlement. A hell of a start.”

“Mary: A Terror Awakening”

By Nat Cassidy (Tor Nightfire, fiction)

What is it about : Mary is a middle-aged woman struggling with hot flashes and strange voices in her head. After being fired from her job in New York, she returns home and is overwhelmed by strange visions and inner thoughts reminiscent of an infamous serial killer.

The buzz: “It’s as scary as it is clever,” says Weekly editors.

Contributor: Brian Truitt, USA TODAY

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